Social disobedience is the way forward.
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Social disobedience is the way forward.

ANY local farmer is a greater hero than Simone Biles will ever be.

Imagine giving a shit what Senator Warren thinks about anything.

It is very exciting to watch the price go up today but don't forget to .

My face has completely melted off so many times by the price that there's just nothing really there anymore. AS IT SHOULD BE.

1. Don't watch the news.
2. Buy .
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

It would be pretty hardcore if you got arrested, call the bail bondsman from jail, ask him if you could pay in and, when he says no, say "well then have fun staying poor" and hang up.

The other day my boss asked me if I was planning to get vaccinated. When I said "no," he gave me a death scowl and asked why. I said, "It's just a personal choice." I should have said, "Because I don't watch the news." I will know what to say next time.

I took this picture yesterday and wanted to share it. There were a number of other variations. I've never seen anything like it.

I, too, am taking a stand every damn day.
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As Bitcoiners we take a stand with every paycheck. I’m now taking a stand every damn day. $50 daily DCA with @BitarooExchange. We die on this fucking hill! @EverydayDCA @FriarHass @stephanlivera

Good morning, y'all. Just remember to LOOK TO THE PLEBS today (and every day).

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