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damn tesla sold lol I am sure it's just to rebalance treasuries

5 years from now is going to be so insane for bitcoin. I know it is has been insane but it will be more insane. IMO

My first attempt at metal working. I will update my progress. New hobby!

Súper fucking stoked! I found a doctor who is willing to give me a vaccine let me throw it in the garbage and he will sign the paper work! Yesss!!! He says Covid was made by Pfizer to kill off old Chinese! Finally a doctor with common sense!!!

who saw the saylor vs giustra debate?????? Please tell me what you think!!!!!!

Welp, I got kicked off a subreddit today because I called out the hate with no fact checking about republicans. Reddit is a hive mind for communists.

You get to a certain point where price drops and it just doesn’t matter anymore....

when i go into clubhouse i feel like i am taking crazy pills. people are really stupid.

I sold most of my btc. I had no choice.

After like 4 months twitter came back to why I keep getting suspended and it is because they gay af

i can't believe we at 55k lol it's like I am dreaming. I can't get enough of it. Get rekt all that didn't listen to me all these years.

57k new resistance. I wonder how low we will go

Most people don’t have the balls to stay rich. They just want to buy material shit. That’s the reason why there are more poor than rich people. All I want in my life is security. I love bitcoin.

Btc coiling hard on the charts... we will have an answer by the end of the month at the latest....

I did it! I got a normie to buy bitcoin! There is a caveat though.... he says he will buy when bitcoin goes back to $3800..... I guess he will be waiting forever.

Welp two more full nodes helpin’ out bois lfg

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