Welp, It's over guys. I just got a call from my friend. He says it's going to crash to 2-3k..... He said he will buy it then.

I just want to use my bitcoin one day. Transactions in actually btc and live decentralized completely. It is to much to ask I am sure.

Looking pretty good to be a bottom around here... lets see if I am right.

I like how some people are panicking because btc is 43k lol

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I have come to realize after many years in bitcoin that I will most likely have to leave the country spend my bitcoin. It’s really sad.

I still can’t believe I got to where I am. It is fucking ridiculous.

Over the years there was just so much writing all over the walls.....btc man it’s always been btc

With ten year rising wtf this going to happen to bitcoin?

Idk what I said but I just got a shit load of followers lol that’s cool.

so i guess 46k bottom? ill take that lol

lol a dip to 46k it's like that was a dip hahah what a time to be alive we are all going to make it.

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double lasers til 200k.... calling it now

Tbh it is really hard for me to buy at these levels..... I thank god I have swan auto buys. I hate buying in bull runs lol

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reaching a $1 trillion market cap is similar to it reaching $1 per coin. It’s just the start.

I wish I had twitter to see if peter shiff is even posting anymore.

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