Nearing 50k. Still feel nothing. Numb until Citadel.

It's all going according to plan.

Nothing makes a better case for BTC than more deplatforming and halting of being able to buy stocks.

Keep it coming you political and wall street scumbags.

I can't get enough of the GameStop carnage. Shoot it directly into my veins. Best entertainment out there.

lol @ people saying a weight has been lifted off their shoulders today. As if their pathetic life is any different than yesterday. Imagine putting that much of your time and emotions into politics.

The energy usage argument might be the most insufferable of them all.

So, I'm looking to expand my mining footprint, and having trouble sourcing gear. Stateside, the markups are 400x which makes expanding very unpalatable. Did an RFP on alibaba and have numerous, reasonably priced options, but wire transfer to an unknown company is a no-no. If @Steve @denverbitcoin or anyone else have any suggestions of a China or India based supplier that I can rely on for rigs, I'd appreciate an assist. R/T for visibility please.

Seen a few people mention the Start9labs Embassy product. Does anyone have a quick review?

Looks pretty legit for a non advanced tech donkey like myself

Dont forget to take care of your health so you can check the btc price in 2030.

Pick up heavy shit --> put heavy shit down. It's that simple.

Jack made his bed - so not much sympathy from me he has to lie in it. He strikes me as being uncomfortable making any big decision.

He simply doesn't come across as a strong leader that can make a decision and be decisive with his company/employees. He's too much of a pushover.

I could be wrong - but my critical thinking skills are telling me Ledger is a suboptimally ran company.

Saw a lady wearing her mask today on a hike. There was probably 7 human beings total around the entire mountain. Hopefully the trees didn't give her covid. What a world.

There's been a lot of great suggestions on other tools to get away from google, amazon services, etc. Is there a site that aggregates these lists with a short description?

If not, would something like that be useful?

It feels like there is a huge amount of talent on the sidelines that would help grow the industry tomorrow if the opportunity was there. Problem is there appears to be a massive gap in jobs that fall in between engineering/dev work and customer support for most of them.

It's crazy how fast it hits you. How small the percentage is of human beings that could be a whole coiner when their time finally comes. No wonder they are so bent out of shape all the time.

The constant promoted tweets. The ridiculous trending topics they take away the option of letting you click "not interested in this"

You realize pretty quickly how big a pile of shit that site is after being over here.

Feels like a good day to say Fuck those who censor

Imagine feeling anything at a price move. Become numb.

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