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Proof of Reserves Movement stopped when Trace Mayer vanished

We need to hold these irresponsible exchanges accountable

Take custody of your

Jan 3

Make them prove, what they say they have

Proof of Keys

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When lower orders of people try to lie and deceive me into believing Beauty is subjective, I look to Beauty to guide me towards the truth.

These people, knowingly or unknowingly, are seeking to destroy all that is Beautiful and Good; and this destruction first begins with the great lie that Beauty is subjective.

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RT @BitcoinSapiens
“Being a Bitcoiner means months of being told to shut up about , followed by months of being asked why you didn’t say to buy .” -@sthenc

We should make little orange pill leaflets and just leave them all over the place would anyone want to work with me on this

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Australian authorities have just put Shaun Ferguson in solitary confinement for two weeks without arrest or trial.

His crime: potential exposure to the Omicron (aka cold) variant.

Added bonus: Shaun is fully vaccinated AND apparently tested negative.

Only half way through the video but it’s really good, I know like tends to get called a monero shill but this video in particular is a good watch

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Anyone got any VPN recommendations, no feds plox

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Host: "NFTs... Digital scarcity bla bla bla"

Keanu: "NFTs are easily reproduced" 🤭😂

Keanu gets it.
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NFT influencers in shambles rn


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