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I just ran across a (very early) implementation of `tor` in rust 🦀.. something to keep an eye on:

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After about 24h it looks to me like v3 onions are back up. We live to fight another day, albeit on *very* borrowed time.

Somehow world feels like it's going crazy all of a sudden. American political madness ratcheted up big time, Tor getting nuked, Bitcoin market going insane both directions, and our cozy little Mastodon forum blowing up as well :)

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@TxTenna I just started using vscode this month! feel the same way. I'll be dropping JetBrains for the near term for sure.

The "CSW is Satoshi" phenomenon is explained by @nealstephenson in his book Fall.

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“No private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations”

Nation states won't give up monetary monopoly without a fight. Probably big corporation are still not powerful enough to directly compete with governments, right now only Bitcoin can do it as it wisely moved the battlefield outside of bureaucrats comfort-zone

Check out this new effort to incentivize essential communication over mesh networks using a protocol built to work with the .

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Also check out this internship project to test adding goTenna Mesh support to a fork of the @manyver_se app!

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Know a student interested in working on projects at the intersection of the #LightningNetwork, #Bitcoin and off-grid communication using the @goTenna Mesh? Check out our new internship opportunities this summer in Brooklyn! 📻⚡️🕸️⛵️

Connect your Blocksat enabled full node to a goTenna Mesh radio! You can now receive blockchain data via satellite AND relay signed bitcoin transactions or Blocksat API data without a direct internet connection! 🛰️📻🕸️ @Blockstream @gotenna

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@kekcoin @fed

Hi, just realised I never answered this.

Since most material put out in public is either analysis companies and exchanges trying to prove they're on top of tracing bitcoin (they aren't), there's little or nothing on why it doesn't work, except people like me, chris etc explaining it (and there's almost zero amplification of that signal). One recent case was instructive, see point 5 under "Real life example - The QuadrigaCX exchange wallet analysis" on

The 0.95 version of just appeared in the Play store. Many thanks to @samouraidev and @samourai_official for making it happen. Also to @richd for both finding and fixing an issue that prevented testing with the new txtenna-python server code.
Changes include:
- stays paired with specific device until unpaired
- receive notifications when transaction is received & confirmed
- updated geo region list

Looking for people to help test a beta version of we're working. Here's an example it in action:

Want to beta test mesh communication via a direct USB connection (eg. to Raspberry Pi) instead of via mobile app?

Check out this Meetup with NYC Crypto Meets Mesh Networking

Meltem organizing a Meetup to test Mesh + Bitcoin

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Let's update Carl von Clausewitz for the Cypherpunk era: "[Software] is the continuation of politics by other means."

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