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English version of my interview with Crypto25. I give my thoughts on , why it matters, how it can help Serbia and the world, and the synergies between and monarchy.

crypto25.rs/en/interview-princ twitter.com/dzejsonac/status/1

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Looks like the bond market bubble has burst. The value of global bonds has plunged by another $1.2tn this week, bringing the total loss from ATH to $12.2tn.

Fiat is a horrendous scam.
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"As I am gaining more experience in the world of finance, I am realizing that this is really not making much sense. To say it bluntly, I felt the whole thing was kind of a scam."

- @PrincFilip1, JAN3 CSO

Listen on @stephanlivera's YouTube channel: youtube.com/watch?v=PjwXHt7cgB

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Earth has been cooling for 50 million yrs & in an ice age for 2.59 million yrs. Human society is facing the last stage of a 14,000 yr warm interglacial, the Holocene. Terrible cold is coming, because climate is a long-term, brutal truth. It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide.

is .

No time for protests or revolutions.

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A former Iranian security official told @IranWireEnglish Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to violently end protests & decreed “they should have no mercy”

Is there no end to the evils of this regime?


.@excellion, JAN3 CEO, who played a key role in designing the volcano bond told @Cointelegraph that contrary to common outside perceptions, is building through the bear market. 🇸🇻🌋🌎⚡️

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Mission: .

Only a matter of time, courage, & intention until these religiously primitive, authoritarian, & dogmatizing geriatric old men make themselves obsolete.

Iran must go back to its true roots: Zoroastrian ethos.
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1. To understand Iran's protests it's striking to juxtapose images of the young, modern women killed in Iran over the last week (Mahsa Amini, Ghazale Chelavi, Hanane Kia, Mahsa Mogoi) with the images of the co…

I hope these anti-human, anti-children, anti-family, & anti-life "academic writers" go extinct...
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Family is a terrible way to satisfy our desire for love and care, according to the writer and academic Sophie Lewis. The solution? Abolish it.

~ thread ~

Pentagon, CIA & Co. got the blueprint for psyops.
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In fact, if I'm reading this NYT article correctly, these online Pentagon influence operations "were similar to how Beijing often spreads disinformation" and "resembled the methods used by Russia to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

The US does this, too? 😲

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What are the challenges for nation-state adoption?
@MilenaMayorga @IndiraKempis @PrincFilip1 and Pietro Poretti will discuss it with @excellion at Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum!

Don't miss it on October 28th-29th 🇨🇭
Get your ticket now! 👉 planb.lugano.ch/planb-forum/

Critical Mass in for Evolution?
No time for revolutions.

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Courageous protestors in Iran have taken control of the city of Oshnavieh, chanting “Freedom” and “Death to the Dictator.”
Please be the voice of Iranian people.

will shine like a beautiful star, rooted in .

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@excellion, JAN3 CEO, who played a key role in designing the volcano bond told @Cointelegraph that contrary to common outside perceptions, is building through the bear market. 🇸🇻🌋🌎⚡️


I don't know whether I should cry, laugh, and/or puke at the same time...
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This is inexcusable.

A truly wild moment yesterday from the House Financial Services Committee, where they laugh about the revolving door from Congress to the banks.

It's too late to attack .
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"I just don't think there's a good way for nation-states to attack. It's too late. The best time to attack was probably during the blocksize wars. That was when we were kind of weak. Nowadays I just don't see any big attack."
@excellion on 's attack vectors at @BtcVancity

The ultimate test for nation-states.
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"If a government or politician is going for a standard, that means they are in it for the longterm prosperity of their nation."

@excellion, JAN3 CEO, explained the litmus-test for nation-state adoption at the @hodlhodl conference in Riga. 🇱🇻 🌎


Jesus, seriously, what's up with Gladstein? Why he is insulting his own intelligence?
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@gladstein @LPCapitalChi @excellion @samson_brah @BigSeanHarris @NymMaster101 It's not silly. Bukele did the same as other western criminals, like Trudeau or Merkel or Conte. Which is horrible. Then he changed idea and policies, which is good. But doesn't cancel the stain.

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