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1/ This week, the US Treasury Dept did something it’s never done before: it sanctioned a piece of code. Weird, right? Actually, it makes perfect sense. Let’s peel that onion!🧅🧵👇

The rant of the century, by Gigi.
Read the thread out loud.
The learning-effect goes deeper inside your brain, shitcoiners!
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@MrWhaleStreet For years now bitcoiners have been trying to warn you guys that (a) decentralization is actually important (b) good opsec is paramount (c) the whole point is the separation of money and state, nothing else.

Live-interview with the producer of The Great Reset Films, Pierre Corbin, on Thursday, Aug. 18th, 4:30 pm CEST. 📽️🎞️⚡️🔥🌎🧠👀

Let me know your questions for Pierre.

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@jicamet helped @JAN3com send a letter to the President’s office in Peru. Still waiting to hear back on that.

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Beyond hilarious 😂

US researchers discovered a revolutionary battery tech that could store huge amounts of energy and be used for decades.

But, long story short, the US Dept of Energy GAVE the tech to China, which is now investing big time in it!

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As I've been telling you; Bitcoin is speech, not money. Everyone who said that idea was "weird" or "a strategy" or "semantics" was wrong, and I was and am right. The other things I say about this subject are right also. Eventually everyone will catch up. And that's a good thing.

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“The grasshopper keeps wasting his time without pondering over how he would sustain the winter. On the other hand, the ant works hard during summer to get shelter and store enough food for the winter. The grasshopper faces the harsh reality and learns the lesson in a hard way.”

Pan-Africa on .
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What this means is that 495 million people subscribed to mobile services in Sub-Saharan Africa, representing 46% of the region's population, who are on Feature Phones, now have access to Bitcoin services, and are onboardable by Azteco. This is a big deal. twitter.com/Machankura8333/sta

Truth. 🍄🔥🎆💜
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Giacomo is one of Bitcoin's North Stars. He is deeply technical, philosophical and very serious, as well as being funny. He's worth many many many times more than his detractors. These are statements of plain fact. When push comes to shove, he cuts to the chase, and is reliable. twitter.com/giacomozucco/statu

We must defend our own privacy.
We must defend our own sovereignty.
For we can expect to have none granted to us.

We told you so!
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They've gone from making it mandatory to forbidding it. That's quite a 180. If you were tricked by the C-19 mass hysteria, you are an honest victim, not a dupe or a fool.

But...you were warned. twitter.com/TheCounterSgnl/sta

This is a valid point. What if the judicial system is already so deeply corrupted and/or blackmailed? Super legal arguments will not help...
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@Beautyon_ @MichaelPaulEdw1 @ndgoHODL It seems to me that assumes static regulation. Money transmission was mostly free before the '70s, than the State changed the law to censor it. Bitcoin is not money, but speech/software. Ok. The State can just ban speech/software when the…

Support this film-project! 🎆
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Our fundraiser is the 21st project on the @geyserfund platform. Isn't this a sign?



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If you’re wondering why attacks on from the Ethereum camp (lobbying against PoW, maxis dying breed, etc) are intensifying, it’s because there’s nothing left after the Merge. What hopium is left? Soulbound tokens? LOL. It’s the last pump and game over like all shitcoins.

Fantastic comprehension of exponential technological evolution...
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'Energy and Civilization' explores the inextricable relationship between human flourishing and our ability to harness energy through the process of innovation.

A thread on the role of energy in agriculture, transportation, communication, and urbanization.

All you need is .
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.@excellion, JAN3 CEO, had an informative chat on Taiwanese KOL Brain Bro's YouTube channel.

"Buy , don't touch anything else."


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