The Vindication of Willy Woo (aka @woonomic) !!! Kicking off Analysis this month with a 🎇 Is he still fully bullish, or did we go short term overbought with this 30% rise in 9 days? When New ATH? You won't want to miss!!!

Brief w/ @jimmysong & @GrassFedBitcoin discussing Shadowy Super-Coders, Tax Bills, Tesla, $XMR bugs & Lightning Update

Brief w/ @jimmysong & @GrassFedBitcoin to talk Shitcoin Hacks, Capitalism Under Attack, EU CBDs & Mining Bans, Decentralized Identity & Financial Services Built on $BTC & More:

Enough Red Pills for the day, let's look at the charts, the one thing that can save humanity from total Tyranny:

Law Review - @SEC_Enforcement vs , NYAG vs , UK & TH vs @Binance & The Crypto 6 as topics to discuss w/ @BitcoinKhaleesi @FJasonSeibert @dcsilver @RestisLawFirm & more!!!

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