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Day 2 @UnderstandBit is was absolutely 🔥 🔥 🔥

awesome speakers 💯


Brief w/ @jimmysong @GrassFedBitcoin & @giacomozucco (maybe) to talk @OsloFF, 1,000 BTC Coins, Liquid Sidechain Issue & Lightning Update:

Brief w/ @jimmysong & @GrassFedBitcoin - $ETH fees, Lighting on Twitter, Volcano Mining (shout-out @nayibbukele) & free BTC in Missouri by @coolvalleymayor.

Brief w/ @jimmysong @GrassFedBitcoin @giacomozucco to talk Chainalysis Spying, @GaryGensler's views, Evergrande affects, Football Club to , hack & Gavin Andresen's Crazy views on $BTC future:

On the Record w/ @adam3us of @Blockstream to talk @Liquid_BTC, Jade Wallet, their mining operation & way more including what it's like be the ONLY person named in the Satoshi White Paper!!! (See page 3)

Brief w/ @jimmysong & @GrassFedBitcoin - Shitcoins Break (@solana 😂), $BTC ETF Delayed, Global Adoption Shines & Bitcoin Core 22.0 Released!
Shout-Out @CathieDWood @michael_saylor @nayibbukele ...
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