is a Self-Sovereign Right

Exercising your "Right to Bitcoin" grants you many other Rights and Freedoms.

This is the Bitcoin Bill of Rights (first draft)

A thread

2/ The Right to Bitcoin is a Self Sovereign Right.
You do not need a government to grant you this Right, nor to recognize that you have it.

The Right to Bitcoin is Entrenched in the Laws of Nature and Can Not be Revoked by Government.

3/ You Exercise the Right to Bitcoin by RUNNING A FULL NODE and TAKING SELF-CUSTODY OF YOUR COINS.

Exercising your Right to Bitcoin in turn Grants you other Self-Sovereign Rights and Freedoms Including:

Your Right to Store Monetary Value (a freedom most states violate), including:
a) the Freedom from Monetary Inflation
b) the Freedom from Monetary Seizure
c) the Freedom to Take Your Money with You Wherever You Go (aka The Right of Monetary Portability)


Your Right to Transact with Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time for Any Thing including:
a) the Freedom from Self-identifying
b) the Freedom from Disclosing or Declaring your Transactions
c) the Freedom from Unreasonable Surveillance and Restriction of Transactions

Your Right to Self-Verify the Validity and Authenticity of Money Given to You.

Your Freedom to Self-Verify the Entire Money Supply and All The Functionality of the Whole Monetary System

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