Returning to Mastadon after just tweeting for months. Has BitcoinHackers to onion mastodon instances connectivity been resolved yet? We need to begin using Mastadon and Matrix properly now.

Citadel21 has published my first creative writing piece. Early readers said it made them both laugh out loud and that they were moved by it.
Hope you have a similar experience.

I wrote what I think is for sure one of the best of my articles today, if not the best. Only three minutes like all of them.

It’s called “Why Bitcoin is Not Like Anything You’ve Seen Before”


Had my first temporary banning from Twitter today and realize how important decentralized computing is first-hand.

Anybody know why PlanB is suddenly gone from that site

Your Freedom to Self-Verify the Entire Money Supply and All The Functionality of the Whole Monetary System

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Your Right to Self-Verify the Validity and Authenticity of Money Given to You.

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Your Right to Transact with Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time for Any Thing including:
a) the Freedom from Self-identifying
b) the Freedom from Disclosing or Declaring your Transactions
c) the Freedom from Unreasonable Surveillance and Restriction of Transactions

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Your Right to Store Monetary Value (a freedom most states violate), including:
a) the Freedom from Monetary Inflation
b) the Freedom from Monetary Seizure
c) the Freedom to Take Your Money with You Wherever You Go (aka The Right of Monetary Portability)

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3/ You Exercise the Right to Bitcoin by RUNNING A FULL NODE and TAKING SELF-CUSTODY OF YOUR COINS.

Exercising your Right to Bitcoin in turn Grants you other Self-Sovereign Rights and Freedoms Including:

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2/ The Right to Bitcoin is a Self Sovereign Right.
You do not need a government to grant you this Right, nor to recognize that you have it.

The Right to Bitcoin is Entrenched in the Laws of Nature and Can Not be Revoked by Government.

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is a Self-Sovereign Right

Exercising your "Right to Bitcoin" grants you many other Rights and Freedoms.

This is the Bitcoin Bill of Rights (first draft)

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...and it runs as a private onion service.

Let's decentralize social media and run it encrypted and private.

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I've now got my own mastodon server (for me alone for now), so you will be able to follow me there too as soon as @nvk enables private service access on this node.

All of us with embassyOS devices can now easily run our own Mastodon nodes.

I've now got my own mastodon server (for me alone for now), so follow me there too

@[email protected]dom4aid.onion

(May need @nvk to enable private service access, but all of us with embassyOS devices can now easily run our own Mastodon nodes)

Which is worse, the ECB being run by a convicted criminal or the IMF being run by a PhD from the Karl Marx Institute?

Trick question I think. Both show how corrupt the fiat system is.

Here on mastodon is where we are in safe harbour. But cyber hornets weren’t meant to stay in the harbour. Now get back out there and meme.

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