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A Thread Bitcoiners Don’t Want to Read? 

While Some Institutional Money might be finding its way to Bitcoin,
Corperate Money is not.

As we all Know, Bitcoin has seen Rapid Growth in a Rather Short amount of Time...
Wether you Gauge its Growth in terms of The Rise in the Assets Price over the Last Decade, or The Psychological Acceptance of it being Considered an Asset Increasing over the Last Decade....
We can all Agree both are on the Rise...

Invest in yourself.. whatever that may be..

Make that jump you’ve been wanting to make..
Absorb some information...
Start that business..
Challenge yourself...
Eat Healthy...

At least BTFD!

We’re about to test the 50 day EMA and pop right back above 21 day... BTFD all the way down

Alright, let’s make this quick boys

Zhong ShanShan (No one even knew who he was globally until recently) is now the 6th Richest Man in The World and dethroned Jack Ma as the Richest Man in China.
He Turned his 1.8 Billion Fortune into 92.5 Billion... Since March........

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Like fr though... it just hit me that Joe Biden is the President of The United States of America lololololololol wtf

Bitcoin Down 10% the day BlackRock gives Go-Ahead to invest in   Futures.... I wonder who’s Leveraging this Morning...

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MicroStrategy Performance
Jan. 19, 2021

Since the start of its treasury program:

MSTR +339% 🔥🔥🔥🚀
BTC +216%
NASDAQ +19.5%

Take with this info what you please, I didn’t get right with 33k thesis... should have done the math at 36k to get market cap of 666B and might of said 36k...

But I did get the Date right for some weird shit to match up...

What’s about to happen??

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3/Bitcoin is Hovering around $36,000 giving it a 666 Billion$ Market Cap... (sorry for not exactly a picture of 666B$ market cap Bitcoin is currently 35,6 this evening.. but you get the point)

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2/ Trump (“Evil”) recently Deplatformed by big tech, Led by Twitter. If you go to his Twitter page, he has 33.3 Million Followers

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1/ Block 666666 was Mined with a beautiful message Left behind speaking of Over Coming Evil, with Good

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I dabbled in Gematria and Numerology⚛️..
This is one reason I’ve said all year Bitcoin will be 33k by Inauguration Day..
I was extremely close to connecting the dots, but I just a little off.
Here’s some wild things that support Both Gematria and Numerology correlation to all things in our lives.. even ..

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Shit Coiners are just in it for the USD gains.... they don’t care about the “uTiLiTy” don’t let them fool you. Lol
Name one Person that Stacks Wei’s? Exactly nobody.

Enjoy “Alt Season” .... while it lasts ;)

Greyscale’s Algo is ______________ .

Don’t be Susceptible to Cognitive Dissonance..

Seeing so much on LN now a days...

it’s like ever since Raoul Pal came out in support of some/most “shitcoins” you’ve seen a lot of support follow from some of these btc Twitter guys once thought of a pretty much btc maxis..

Funny how the herd follows after one takes the initial jump..

The lightening Network is intriguing and I can see it’s utility. ETH’s value though is another thing... Its not a “NgU” just simply put....
utility? Hell yeah...... “Safe Haven Asset”? Hell na

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