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Featured article from last week:

How Bitcoin Optimizes Human Resourcefulness.

"By doing away with cheap access to near unlimited credit, capital will be more efficiently allocated."

Written by @TheTustinite.


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Stocks Don’t Truly Discover Price, Bitcoin Fixes This.

"The reason investors protect the price of these assets is for wealth storage — but Bitcoin makes these forms of wealth storage dated, and highlights their flaws."

Written by @TheTustinite.


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Excited to release another article on @bitcoinmagazine;

What we are witnessing is historical, and will be remembered as an episode in the saga of hyperbitcoinization. twitter.com/bitcoinmagazine/st

New Podcast - The Tustinite Podcast Episode 5 - Discussing "The Artificial Money" ; If you don't want to read the article, I discuss the explored ideas in my latest post on the US Dollar.

“...It is only through coercion and violence that humans could have arrived at this money. An artificial money for an artificial world.”

I’ve written a new article on the pressures of fiat money and what really makes people use them.

@TheTustinite Credit where due, MMT gets this right:

1. The State creates an involuntary obligation (tax). “Pay us or else!”
2. The State sets the terms of payment (fiat). “We only accept these coupons.”
3. People work for the State to earn credits. “Come work for us.”

Taxation + Fiat = Slavery with extra steps

Working on an article called “The Artificial Money” - Discusses how the USD operates on threats of violence and coercion, the opposite of naturally spontaneous money -

Satoshi Chats Episode 9 - $30k Celebration: an episode about conspicuous consumption youtu.be/WLPO7X9VqU0

“All previous monies have proven susceptible to manipulation, and therefore insufficient for modern peace.”thetustinite.com/2021/01/06/tr

Normative   - it cannot exist. Bitcoin is fair already - the argument against its “fairness” is the aggregation to a few people. But the whole mechanism of the price will be to regulate this.
As price rises, more people will be incentivized to purchase goods with their Bitcoin. This will in turn disperse the Bitcoin to those providing value to be exchanged. So the incentive of price will draw these HODL’d coins into an organic economy of Bitcoin - a Bitcoin Standard.

On the phone w/ the boss just now. Told him if he was gonna buy bitcoin, that today is the day.

"Gambling" was his reply.

I didn't think it was possible to lose any more respect for this man.

The best parts of Bitcoin are the dips. Few.

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is inspiring ; never before have I been driven to create so strongly

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