I have 2 Coldcards and I want 2 more.

First 2 for multi-sig vault.

One for non kyc stack

One for testing backups

Is this silly? :coldcard:

Will Deater ever capitulate and join Mastadon?

Censorship resistance is expensive and inconvenient.

Do not expect to be able to easily and cheaply broadcast speech if world governments and corporations disapprove.

Prepare for worst case scenarios.
Hope for best case scenarios.

let's keep growing bitcoin mastodon

do your part!

get the word out on twitter

Decentralization matters because decentralization = resiliency and anti-fragility.


I've been thinking about buying a Triton raspi4 with Umbrel from @cryptocloaks every second of every day :bitcoin:

Need to be able to paste gifs in here I'm nothing without gifs

I can see switching to this if enough people come over. Works good on mobile too.

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