I’ve been using the Trezor Beta wallet on my Model T - I have to say, I’m impressed at how polished it looks, and thankfully the default address format for new wallets is native Segwit (bc1q...)!

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom"

- Isaac Asimov

Gotta get outside and stack some firewood, clear my head. Too much depressing news.

Do you guys here on bitcoinhackers.org find that the federated feed is pretty slow? I find it’s less drinking from the fire hydrant, and more like taking a sip from the water fountain.

@verretor Do not worry, Greta Thunberg will soon emerge as an expert on riot control in MSM.

Awesome to see the backlog in the mempool clear out today, even at -10% normal hashrate. After the difficulty adjustment on June 4th, it should be emptying all the time, all else being equal.

I don’t know if it’s the mastodon client that I’m using, (Amaroq) but there’s no way to tell how many replies there are to a particular toot, or even whether or not you already replied to it. I suppose the only way of knowing is that you favourite every toot you reply to.

I'm only in one discord right now for them. Larping as a 13 year old twink. Later plan to voice opinions on my body image and see if they take my bait and start pushing me to HRT. If it starts getting hardcore manipulative, I'll make a nice little image of the server like the others I've posted.

Then I'll use my kiwifarms stalking skills to find their facebooks, then make a little thread on the farms to permanently shut their asses down. Stop hunting kids, freaks.

Actually, I’m looking for everyone’s recommendations on what they use for re-tweeting or re-hooting or whatever to multiple social media platforms, specifically Twitter. I would prefer to post on mastodon and have it auto re-tweeted on my identical profile on Twitter.

😴 Good night all, time to hit the hay. Look for forward to seeing what the community has to offer tomorrow.

Looks like the mempool is clearing out quite a bit. Hopefully this, combined with the difficulty change on or about June 4th will really help lower transactions fees for the time being.

I never thought I would spend most of my day configuring and learning about Mastodon!

It could be just as influential as Twitter if we all made a concerted move to use it as a censorship-resistant platform to express our ideals. We just need a good proportion of heavy movers to switch, and most would follow. I feel that there is some good momentum we should build on!

[email protected]@twitter.com @[email protected] you’re our Sensies! I think that this is very important for us if we will start opting out from the third parties social networks like twitter! Please, could you help lead us in the right direction and opt out from the third parties..😅

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🐦🔗: twitter.com/yegorpetr0v/status

Well, here I am diving in on Mastodon! I had an old account under a different alias that I never used, but current events seemed to have propelled a critical mass movement to this platform! 😎

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