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Rust Developers,
Android Developers,

You are not a developer but still want to contribute? Having a hard time to understand where to start?


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Zeus v0.5.0-beta3

-Feature: Integrated Tor on both iOS and Android
-Enhancement: Add support for all bech32 QR code schemes
-Bug Fix: timestamps on Eclair
-Feature: Set first hop and last hop when paying LN invoices

Android APK:

Dev signature:

PGP Key:

iOS Testflight:

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Listen to the inspiring story of @f_forough and how she is educating Afghanistan about .

RT @f_forough
Thank you @AnitaPosch for having me in your podcast talking about : in Afghanistan 2.0 with 🇦🇫👩🏻‍💻


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"You're not using bitcoin the way you are supposed to, bitcoin was meant to be...."

lol, shut up fucker

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Yeeha Folge #67 „Es brennt im Iglu“ 🧊 ausnahmsweise mal zu viert und im Debattiermodus 😜

👩🏼‍⚖️ @JanetYellen über Bitcoin
☃️ Mining in der Arktis
🏎 1 BTC = 1 Cyber Truck

In der Folge gibts einen Code für die BitBox02 Bitcoin only @ShiftCryptoHQ 🙌🏻


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Governments everywhere want to remove sound money constraints on their spending. Using other people's resources makes it easier to buy votes.

Fiat inflation's economic impact became a cultural impact, which became a political impact that we're all feeling now.

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Think of the Environment before you print this Toot.

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Friends migrating to
Bitcoiners migrating to
Normies migrating to

People no longer accept the abuses of power. I love it.

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People say that :bitcoin: Bitcoin is silly Internet money.

I tell you it has reshaped my outlook on life. I'm using it as the bedrock of my future financial security. Every other promise made to you (SS, 401k, bank savings, stock market) will ultimately let you down. Stack Sats now.

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Before bitcoin, chop wood, carry water.

After bitcoin, chop wood, carry water, stack sats.

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Reminder that in 2021 we’re buying 100k sats every time the phrase “cash out” is mentioned within an earshot

(copied from TG)
This price comparison shows you the number of that you actually receive from various providers for a freely selectable amount of euros. (mostly German-speaking D-A-CH zone)

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