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Have a project that accepts bitcoin donations via Lightning network⚡️?

Share some details on this post on Stacker News, as Stackers are sharing the wealth!!


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11/ Choosing which software and hardware to use for a home-based node can be overwhelming. Should you use an old Thinkpad? Raspberry Pi? A rackmount server? Ubuntu? FreeBSD? Windows?

@notgrubles has you covered.

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RT @sthenc
This book from 1997 predicts nations will get desperate for funding as tech like the internet and digital money make it easier for citizens to protect their savings.

They suggest states may even create excuses to limit taxpayer mobility, such as a global pandemic.

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Hello newcomer, TwAtter still where I hang out the most. I hope we can use this as a backup just in case we need.

Remember to follow others so that your feedback is not just my garble.

Try running your own instance so you are not at my merci.

This instance is provided as is, no warranties, no promises of privacy or security. Just best efforts approach.


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Link to the release:
Update from the menu on your or when running standalone.
Can always pull the latest version during the startup with the prebuild SDcard image for a simple Raspberry Pi (no disk is needed):

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Excited to play around with this!
RT @BTCPayServer
BTCPay Server new major release - v1.3.0 is here 🚀

- Lightning Address
- Taproot
- Print Point of Sale view
- Topup invoice
- LN support for pull payments (refunds)
- Crowdfunding app re-designed
- Theme switch


LNP/BP Standards Association
is hiring...!

Rust Developers,
Android Developers,

You are not a developer but still want to contribute? Having a hard time to understand where to start?

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Zeus v0.5.0-beta3

-Feature: Integrated Tor on both iOS and Android
-Enhancement: Add support for all bech32 QR code schemes
-Bug Fix: timestamps on Eclair
-Feature: Set first hop and last hop when paying LN invoices

Android APK:

Dev signature:

PGP Key:

iOS Testflight:

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Listen to the inspiring story of @f_forough and how she is educating Afghanistan about .

RT @f_forough
Thank you @AnitaPosch for having me in your podcast talking about : in Afghanistan 2.0 with 🇦🇫👩🏻‍💻

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"You're not using bitcoin the way you are supposed to, bitcoin was meant to be...."

lol, shut up fucker

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Yeeha Folge #67 „Es brennt im Iglu“ 🧊 ausnahmsweise mal zu viert und im Debattiermodus 😜

👩🏼‍⚖️ @JanetYellen über Bitcoin
☃️ Mining in der Arktis
🏎 1 BTC = 1 Cyber Truck

In der Folge gibts einen Code für die BitBox02 Bitcoin only @ShiftCryptoHQ 🙌🏻

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