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“If we do nothing, new technologies will give the government new automatic surveillance capabilities that Stalin could never have dreamed of. The only way to hold the line on privacy in the information age is strong cryptography.”
-Phil Zimmerman

@TheCryptoconomy @thecoinpod @stephanlivera @pierre_rochard @bottomshelfbtc @zackvoell @mattodell @nic I’m up! Time for coffee and podcast😀. Outside the many great btc apple podcasts, Wondery does amazing series: Business Wars, American History Tellers, Tides of History, American Innovations, This is War, Inside Jaws, etc. production quality is amazing and would love bitcoin stories told in this manner.

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Appluad the article on Medium and follow the enormous number of links for further exploration:

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“People have speculated on what a future with fat protocols will look like. File sharing protocols aren’t exactly the same, but they have a lot of similarities we can learn from.” @backus

Today we read one from John Backus about the history of P2P file sharing protocols and what the and communities could learn from it.

“That’s right: while we’re here still trying to wrap our minds around Layer 2 solutions, these mad scientists are already proposing a system with three layers” @DZack23

Concluding Daniel Goldman's excellent write-up, "The Lightning Network 2.0"

“As these debates rage on, there’s a community of developers coming up with new ideas and, ya know, actually building stuff.” @DZack23

The what, how, and why of , & the army of tools on the horizon.

Part 1 - The Lightning Network 2.0

What I like most about using Lightning for payments is not the low transaction costs (on-chain fees are currently not that high either), but the idea that future generations won't have to audit my meaningless 20$ transactions when syncing their nodes

Today we read another from the Ultimate in Privacy development @nopara73!

"Thinking about it, isn’t it ironic that, over the past years I wrote about every Bitcoin privacy technique in existence, except the one that 99% of all users use?" [email protected]

Half the Remaining Bitcoin Supply is 'Spoken For.'

"At least 99M People intend to own crypto, but don’t yet." @RyanRadloff

Ryan Radloff explores the recent surveys of who intends to invest in /#Crypto, and what could drive the next growth cycle.

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Drop some Applause at the full article on the Medium publication:

Explore a ton of other awesome work by Haseeb Qureshi:

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Today’s episode:

“In the end, learning is both science and art. It is science when your domain is structured, and art when it is not.” @Hosseeb

Reading "The Hard Thing About Learning Hard Things" @hosseeb @freeCodeCamp

hey @nvk im trying to figure out how to get IFTTT to post to my mastodon account but can't seem to get it to work. Is there an address specifically for the API for a "webhook" that I can get somewhere? The one I'm using is a modification of the one:


Should this work or do I need something different here? Thanks

@citizenbitcoin @TheCryptoconomy

Found this on your recommendation - it is very good - I’m impressed! #podcast #bitcoin

“This makes an absolute game changer for the entire concept of capital markets: income without explicit counterparty default risk.” @timevalueofbtc

Don't miss today's reading & discussion on the potential of a layered network.

. @TheCryptoconomy podcast is doing a great service for the bitcoin community as a leader in bitcoin education. This is an absolute must listen for any student of bitcoin. If you're just getting started, strap those headphones on and enjoy a great bitcoin journey from episode one.

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“It is impossible for Bitmain to divest their BCH holdings onmarket. Full stop. The BCH markets are not liquid enough to absorb the amount of coins Bitmain is still holding” [email protected]

Listen to @CryptoHerpesCat's epic piece on the Bitmain drama!

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