If we stopped devaluing the dollar, the minimum wage would never again be a concern.

Think of the monumental amount of political BS, infighting, default poverty, corruption, & govt intrusion that could be avoided by a money that goes UP in value, instead of down. Thinking face


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I started listening today to @TheCryptoconomy podcast (cryptoconomy.life/) reading of Iterative Capital's “Thesis” paper (iterative.capital/thesis/) and highly recommend it.. great history and background of crypto and analyzed in a way I haven’t heard before, as a long time tech minion their conclusions really resonated

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@notmandatory @TheCryptoconomy
I just took a quick peak. That is a great blogpost by Nick Szabo from way back that resonates with people today as it ever has. Timeless is a great accolade.

📕+🎙️ Back in Action 🔥

Today we hit Section 4 of the @IterativeCap Thesis on how the disparate groups of human users, developers, and maintainers keep the system together and find consensus in the seeming chaos of crypto anarchy.


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New article and podcast episode by @TheCryptoconomy

How Many Forks Does it Take to Get to The Center of Satoshi's Vision?

Link to listen at the beginning of the article.


📕+🎙️ Today's Read!

@Beautyon_ takes us through the realizations & predecessors that set the stage for Bitcoin & the incredible impact it has had, and will continue to have on the entire world.

🔥 , the revolution, 10 years and running! 🎂🎉


📕+🎙️ Today we Continue our journey through @NickSzabo4's brilliant piece:

🔥 Shelling Out: The Origins of Money [Part 2] 🔥


And don't forget to explore the huge collection of other works turned into audio format for easier access over at Cryptoconomy.life . Feel free to donate if you would like to support my work and help out the show! 😁

Before you do anything else, drop everything and follow @NickSzabo4 on Twitter. Don't forget to check out his other amazing work on his blog:


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📕+🎙️ Today's Read!

Today we begin our journey through @NickSzabo4's incredible work:

🔊"Shelling Out: The Origins of Money."

An exploration of money's rich history, it's theory, & key properties seen in the eyes of the cypherpunks who revolutionized it.


Check out the blog to applaud the article and see the author’s other work, and don’t forget to follow @Alokmenghrajani & @CashApp on Twitter:

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🎙️+📕 Today's Read • Open Sourcing Subzero

@alokmenghrajani, engineer at @Square, details the Multisig & HSM key management of @CashApp balances. Plus their decision to embrace Bitcoin culture & open source their efforts to the benefit of all!


🎙️ Crypto Chat #7! 🔥

Today we chat with @Real_Vijay about Bitcoin maximalism, growing internet censorship, standing up to Google, the troubles of BCH, the fall of Bitmain, and much more!

Don’t miss today's chat with Vijay Boyapati!


Follow Vijay on Twitter and share this thread below:

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Vijay Boyapati details in a Twitter thread, the brilliant but subtle shift that cypherpunks discovered in the economic concept of scarcity that made the revolutionary technology of possible.


📕+🎙️Today's Read

From @feeonline, an article by Jacob Dowell introducing the concept of market prices. Rather than some "necessary evil" of markets, prices are key economic indicators without which the very idea of efficiency becomes impossible.


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Storytelling and historical analogies helped hook me on bitcoin. On top of The Bitcoin Standard, the book Digital Gold is a fun one to add to your Bitcoin library. Plus if you haven’t listened, you should listen to short btc articles read by: @TheCryptoconomy itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/th

And if you'd like to support the show:

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Explore this article & the immense collection of other works at the Nakamoto Institute (@NakamotoInst):

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