A decentralized society will win out. Its inevitable.

Bitcoin, WallStreetBets, Boaty McBoatFace Public Library and Adolf Hitler Elementary are a testament to this fact.

The Mike Green/Nic Carter discussion:

Mike's tone was unfuckingbelievable. The fact that @nic sat there and remained totally level headed was truly amazing. Total class act. And the ending "dissident" comment just about made me fucking lose it.

Nic - super impressive.

@parkeralewis @bitstein Like It or "Essay on the Inevitability of Bitcoin Monetization"

@nicstheses I was attracted to BTC because I saw NGU in Dec 2017, so I bought in. Also bought a little LTC and XRP (have mercy on my soul). Had read "road to serfdom" in 2002 and always struck a chord. Shit finally came together in 2018 when I read Bitcoin Standard - immediately purged all shitcoins, as well as my silver and gold. Have been buying BTC every since. I show deference to the OG's but have definitely heard them say some stupid shit.

Own bitcoin ✅
Deleted twitter ✅
Grayscaled my phone ✅
Joined Mastadon ✅
Was a real son of a bitch re-following everyone, but ✅
Eliminate the noise ✅

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd

So who here has a Samourai Nodl Dojo? Stupid question - if I am currently holding my BTC multi-sig with a 3rd party, does having my own node defeat that purpose?

How long does it take to get situated around here? Similar enough to Twitter I guess

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