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Please give review only if you have actually read the book. Fake reviews are unwanted in any case!

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If you haven't done so already, now is a good time to log on to and give Saifedean Ammous a good review of his excellent book.

It appears like bad actors are targeting Saifedean, by cowardly attempting to damage his reputation.

The immune system of is continuously evolving..

..what if Bitmain is the disease and is the fever..?

is a superpower where no one is qualified to become a leader

(same applies to other superpowers, but unfortunately they have all instituted unqualified leaders)


And yes, that is the denomination we should use!

Mastodon is proving a anti-chilling effect..

It makes me less afraid of losing access to my Twitter account.

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How many maximalists will be recruited when the bear market is over? They will look at their shitcoin shill tweets with such shame.

Here's a new concept:

DOI = Decentralization-Of-Influence

Let's imagine a fixed total amount of influence that is shared among all influencers..

More influencers = less influence for each influencer = better DOI

During its 9.5 years of existence, bitcoin has shown a continual improvement of DOI

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With regards to this, it's important to also take note of all the wannabe influencers who have been rejected..

It's a undeniable fact that a small group of early adopters have ended up as promoters and scammers

Could it be that they had a expectation of future power?

Only to become disappointed when they later realized that bitcoin is specifically designed to spread power out to all participants.

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Some people may have a degree of influence within

Yet, this influence can be gained only from a proven track record of positive contribution to everyone's benefit.

It should be noted that the increasing number of these influential people is a good indicator of improved decentralization

@jon not really, but I'm not too popular among certain people..

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So this just happened.. Good thing we've got Mastodon!

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance