So this just happened.. Good thing we've got Mastodon!

@The1brand7 the game is over on the mainstream... enough is enough...

What a bunch of assholes.
I don't know about you but I got tired of counting street signs.
Do I look Like rand/mcnally road Atlas?

@jon not really, but I'm not too popular among certain people..

@The1brand7 same shit just happened to me few hours ago. Seconds after replying to Roger Ver.
I think the algos fighting the ETH giveaway scams are overdoing it a bit.

@The1brand7 Halt, citizen. You are being detained for your own safety.

@The1brand7 This happened to me a couple weeks back. No thanks!


yep that happen to me about a fews months ago, it was a good thing I was spending to much time on it, but the best thing about I restarted using this platform 👍

That looks like an excellent excuse to ditch the birbsite for good :)

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