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Mastodon is proving a anti-chilling effect..

It makes me less afraid of losing access to my Twitter account.

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Literally the day that Biden is getting sworn in, the WHO issues an official warning on the risk of false positives in PCR tests for COVID-19 due to overly high cycle counts.

Funny how science is replacing fear now that Trump is out...

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I am a community-paid developer working on Bitcoin Core and many other parts of the ecosystem.

You can help fund my public Bitcoin work by:
1) Sending me bitcoins - contact me for a per-transaction/unique address!
2) GitHub Sponsors:
3) Patreon:

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Jordan Peterson is standing on the edge of the rabbit hole:

- He has boycotted Patreon.
- He is starting a new platform that will compete with Patreon.
- He recently posted a bitcoin address on his website.
- His bitcoin address has received more than $1000 in donations in less then a week.

Link to Jordan Peterson's donation Address:

More info on Patreon boycott:

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@Ragnarly No clue. Did support Gab in some threads last days, which generated some sjw outrage... maybe I got reported for supporting free speech?

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Looks like I’ll be spending more time on mastodon going forward...

Our fellow bitcoiner @Hodlonaut has been suspended from @twitter for no stated reason..

Please consider giving him a follow here on free speech platform Mastodon

👉 @Hodlonaut

Link to same tweet on Twitter:

Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel) is an extraordinary talented propagandist!

Notice how everything he says about the general scam industry (/#crypto) is true, while everything he says about is a false.

The conflating of the two is not by accident.

Roger Ver who's lying 100% of the time, is a complete amateur compared to this guy!

We need to immunize against this by more clearly differentiating from the non-bitcoin crypto/blockchain industry.

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The shapeshift situ. :

People on birdsite appear confused. Truth: Voorhees has a background in business, marketing and is one of *the* most talented in the space in that area. However, he is a disgraceful traitor to Bitcoin's cause, big supporter of NYA/S2X and constantly supporting shitcoins since late 2014. Why did he switch? Because the only thing he ever gave a shit about was preening his ego and making huge bags of money from rubes.

Note how common this is amongst 'businessmen' here.

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Cold Card. Why risk it with an ETF when you can have it all in your hand? Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation. Back up of the wallet is accomplished through removable hi reliability, military grade SD cards available on the site.They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly

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The Exodus to Mastodon is real.
And we have data to back that up.

User Count Bot @usercount
187,993 accounts
+372 in the last hour
+3,434 in the last day
+11,215 in the last week

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@landonmutch my domain, shared hosting, don’t trust me, assume it’s compromised.

Have fun :)

Please give review only if you have actually read the book. Fake reviews are unwanted in any case!

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