There’s a stream with the best fragments from the No Agenda show by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak.
Anyone has the URL for me?

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“There’s this direct correlation between the integrity of the money supply and the integrity of a civilization. You cannot have one without the other.” @breedlove22

i maintain i've never seen a free software media player that looks good
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Try it yourself. Google for
- Happy Asian woman
- Happy black woman
- Happy white woman

One of the most well stated facts on the matter.
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Hong Kong Gone: the dream is over, CCP has won. the people put up their best fight, but they fought alone

We just watched

they will take Taiwan next

while some of you cried about the loss of TikTok

They lost human rights, justice & the press... gone now like tears in the rain

$8657 (1 usd = 11551 sats)

11 sat/B ($0.17) - 20m
10 sat/B ($0.15) - 40m
4 sat/B ($0.06) - 60m
2 sat/B ($0.03) - 2h
1 sat/B ($0.02) - 4h

blocks 613540

@dredmorbius not syscalls as such; but it's what's executing; so you see whether you're running in the kernel or any particular process, and what function etc - perf also has LOTS of flags to change what it's doing. But if something is eating CPU then perf can help you find out why; you can use 'vmstat' to see *if* it's eating cpu or just stuck waiting on disk.

“Zerohedge blocked om Facebook”. Nuff said.

10 Years of in One Minute
An amazing 1 minute video on Bitcoin Market Chart - Growth. You can clearly see here that how many times bitcoin was considered dead, but no matter what it kept on hustling and made the previous Bull-run look like a drop in ocean. (src )

1,685,715 accounts
+77 in the last hour
+1,465 in the last day
+9,760 in the last week

This dude Rosselo is a boss, he is fighting AML/KYC like a champ in Brazil. He won a lawsuit against 6 banks including the governmental bank:

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