Beautiful market structure here from bitcoin tonight. I think we could test $60,000 on this next leg higher.

The current Bitcoin market structure looks eerily similar to early February. Feels like new ATH's on the way soon. Stack here while you can.

Current YTD chart for bitcoin. Not far from the all-time high by any means. Building base to charge higher in my opinion, look for the green line (50 day EMA) to hold as it has all year.

Bitcoin remains in a healthy bull market from a technical perspective, trading comfortably above the 200 day exponential moving average, as well as every other major average. The relative strength index is not signalling anything extreme at this time, bulls control the momo rn.

Bitcoin with a daily close above every major moving average for the first time in nearly two weeks. RSI is at a neutral level, possibly has found a near-term bottom. All technical signs point to building bullish momentum.

The latest chart. BTC is trading in-between moving averages right now, with the 50 day exponential moving average acting as support, yet the 21 and 10 EMA's are acting as resistance. I view the near term as neutral to just slightly bearish, long-term bullish. Good time to be accumulating.

"Every node represents a check and balance on the rest of the network, and without a central source of truth, the network is resistant to attack and corruption. Any node could fail or could become corrupted, and the rest of the network would remain unimpacted. The more nodes that exists, the more decentralized bitcoin becomes, which increases redundancy, making the network harder and harder to corrupt or censor. " - Parker Lewis

The world runs on incentives, period. The incentives for the Bitcoin network is a mutual cooperation to preserve the network as intended. The incentives for the traditional financial system and fiat monetary regime is power and wealth in the hands of the ruling class, and whatever is leftover to the masses. The incentives behind Bitcoin are the incentives for human flourishing, mutual respect, and aspiration.

Bitcoin back above every major moving average, RSI is at an attractive level as well. Seems like we are about to get back on track for this bull move.

Does it strike anyone as odd that Jack Dorsey's Twitter bio is , yet his platform is becoming the antithesis of everything Bitcoin and Bitcoiners are about?

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