'Economists' who push fiat inflation can screech all they want.

It won't stop us saving into Bitcoin that they can't inflate.

Welcome to Mastodon!

Here are some tips to help you settle in

Boosts are retweets, tweets are toots (I know, it's ridiculous!)

Check the box for "Enable advanced web interface" in preferences for a more user friendly experience, changed my outlook on the entire platform.

Your local timeline is everyone on this bitcoinhackers.org instance, the Federated timeline is them + everyone else (can be a bit of a jumbled mess).

If you're on iOS, try Mast or Amaroq.
If you're on Android, try Tusky.

Idea for mobile bitcoin wallets: a panic button.

If you press, say, on the logo for 3 seconds, the wallet becomes locked for X hours.

This could prevent being forced to hand over your BTC.

Could be used preventively before airport security, on a night out, when travelling etc.


Conducting a Twitter poll to see how many of us are moving to Mastodon, feel free to vote and share:


Protip: check the box for "Enable advanced web interface" under the Appearance section in Preferences

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