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"If you dont believe me or dont get it, I dont have time to try to convince you, sorry." - Satoshi Nakamoto (29 July 2010)

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To prevent scammers from signing up to Mastodon en masse, the sign up screen should have a proof of work that takes a few minutes.

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Bitmain has a million bitches but a bitcoin aint one.

BTC dominance about to 51% attack the rest of the crypto network.
BTC>51% for the first time since January.

As the Medicis have been replaced with the artistic equivalents of DMV workers, the result is an art world teeming with visually repulsive garbage produced in a matter of minutes by lazy talentless hacks looking for a quick paycheck by scamming the world's aspirants to artistic class with concocted nonsensical stories about it symbolizing anything more than the utter depravity of the scoundrel pretending to be an artist who made it.
-Saifedean Ammous
From 'The Bitcoin Standard'.

The way I see it, amateur traders and gamblers are mathematically retarded and have a very high time preference. These people are destined to fail.

Gold is governed by physical and chemical scarcity.
Bitcoin is governed by mathematical scarcity.
Alt coins are centrally governed by greed.
Fiat is centrally governed by lies, greed, fear and corruption.

Anyone should be able to retire on 1 bitcoin in a few years time.

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