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@BitMexTrader This is why I hate Australian politics. Until an hour ago, I didn't even know there was contention. No surprise this guy used to be the treasurer. Looks like the AUD is in for some more Keynesian pain.

Apparently Australia just got a new Prime Minister. Scott Morrison. Who the fuck is Scott Morrison?

@alonsovalencia Ripple is a joke. And not even a good one. Not even one of those bad ones you know you shouldn't laugh at.

The inevitability of the dollar collapse due to debt is a mathematical certainty, not unlike the certainty of the mathematical principles of bitcoin's protocol.

It is high time for everyone involved in Bitcoin to stop concerning themselves with the question of the identity of Nakamoto, and accept that it does not matter to the operation of the technology, in the same way that the inventor of the wheel no longer matters.
-Saifedean Ammous

As Americans recently started using their homes as a medium for savings, the supply of housing was increased so much that the price came crashing down. As monetary inflation proceeds, the large number of bubbles can be understood as speculative bets for ways to find a useful store of value.
-Saifedean Ammous (The Bitcoin Standard)

@bitcoinedu funnily enough, this is literally possible with Bitcoin.

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The 'bitcoin obituaries' entries should be embedded into bitcoin transactions for safe keeping. You know, just for shits and giggles and to prove that life is arbitrary and ironic.

Speculators be like "when lambo?"
I be like "when groceries?"

@402PaymentRequired Long term price is very important though. This is why we're in this space. The tech is cool, but won't be useful anytime soon. The fundamentals are strong and a 9-year track record instills confidence in its participants. Bitcoin is a long game. This is not get-rich-quick. This is self sovereignty at its finest.

That said... when lambo?

@mydogisahusky I have different forecasts on the US economy. IMO Trump was 'selected' as a scapegoat for the cause of the next major war, which will be designed to reinforce the Western belief that the US hasn't wasted any money on defense. Immediately after the war, with impeccable timing, FedCoin will be bestowed on the population springboarding the US into the futuristic world of proof-of-authority blockchain. Meanwhile the average IQ slips by 20% and the facade continues.

@TeringNering But the Lira shows no sign of a recovery. As long as the protocol is protected, bitcoin has to increase in value relative to inflationary currencies at some point. Bitcoin also gives the people the last resort option of exiting the country with any sort of wealth.

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