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Their track record as a contrarian indicator amuses me - CNBC - "I think for the time being, we probably put in the top for bitcoin for the next year or so," says @ScottMinerd
. "And we're likely to see a full retracement back toward the 20,000 level."
Remember when they were telling people how to buy XRP at its highs? Yeah, same thing.

What is he, nuts? Actually, we've been flagging out here in a big triangle that still conforms to what I'm looking at 36 - 37k to hop back on the Expo Curve. It may push some of the dates out though, when we do. I'm still tracking it and will revise when we've got more of a trajectory. Hanging in there...

Okay, I give up. I made it to 21 hours ago and I'm gonna go to most recent and ride the wave. I don't have enough vodka to keep up, you degens.

Christ I'm only at 23 hours ago in the "Local" feed. My vodka drink is nearly empty. Must. Soldier. On.

Maybe jack could fix twitter if he wasn’t so busy having gay orgies and taking high amounts of DMT

I keep scrolling, trying to keep up in the "local" feed. But damn... you beautiful degens... you've nearly broken me. I'll try one more drink and slog through, but I'm barely making a dent.

I love this shit - BTC nearly at even. Most shitcoins - still down nearly 20%. lololol

I'm not really fearful from this dip, as we handily tapped the middle band on the Bollinger (Daily). I'm a fan of stair-step moves, and we were getting a bit vertical. We'll know soon enough if we regain the curve. It will have to get back to 36 - 37k to do so. For now, I'm going to watch it dig out of the hole, but I'm not throwing in the towel on the Bull move.

We don't need a Bitcoin ETF. Let me explain. Since MSTR (Microstrategy) issued debt in ShitBux and converted it to good money (Bitcoin), their stock is now a performance proxy for Bitcoin price. If you get a few more firms to do this, you have a basket of things pegged to Bitcoin. JP Morgan just bought a crapload of MSTR, because they know what this means. It means the institutions have access to Bitcoin price performance, under the proxy of a stock that is linked to it. 'Effing brilliant.

bitcoinhackers web ui doesn’t seem to work for me occasionally but the API seems to work fine. Using tootle on iOS and bitlbee on desktop.

If you're an Android user, I recommend using Tusky since it most resembles the Twitter mobile app. It feels the most polished as well

I don't know who needs to read this but ungoogled-chromium is a very good alternative to Firefox. All the compatibility and features of Chrome, without the Google parts

Given how frothy we are, I'm going to roll out the EEV (Estimate Exponential Value) model for future predictions, because frankly once we start getting 1 - 2k bars, its time to up your game. This is a simple model that backfits an exponential curve. I don't expect it to trace this curve forever, but its helpful when we take off like we have. So, for starters - 50525 by Jan 26th, and all the way out - 100k by Feb 27th. We can over or underperform the curve, or fall off it entirely.

Sorry for the lapse, been wrestling with tech problems not of my making. The freight train of Bitcoin has continued to chug to all new highs, and I've moved my target up to a heady 37000.
Any shorter-term retracement I'd expect in the 31k range. Worst case 27k -- but I expect us to continue this pause-and-flag stairstep as we continue to make history. The garbage coins are trying to keep up, but most are severely lacking. Can't beat the king, baby.

I'm back - no thanks to @lukedashjr - found an alternative web login portal that restores the functionality I lost, and I can use it with Firefox, thank satoshi. I don't know where @nvk is, but I wish he'd get someone active to administer this instance on the backend. Some things are going awry, I fear.

Thanks for the tips, everyone. Trying to work it out. Hyperspace client is interesting, but I can't do the editing on my profile that includes my price targets and stuff. Still looking for the solution that will fit me best.

Stumbling through. We'll see...

I've been having problems on Firefox viewing - with blank pages. I asked the ever-helpful @lukejr, but his response "mine works" said all I needed to know about his ethics.
So, I'm stumbling through interface alternatives since Firefox only displays bizarrely oversized graphics and basic text. I changed nothing, but of course technology doesn't care. Any suggestions? Beyond the Luke Jr variety, that is? Thanks.

High volatility, here we come. Having my prior target demolished in less than 24 hours brings back memories of the good 'ol days. So, to adapt to this development, I'm raising the target to 26000. As I've said before, I'm not ruling out stair-stepping to get there, just that we're in rarified air and the upside projections have to reflect the lack of asks up here. Here we go...(again)

At this point I feel another projection is needed, since we decisively smashed through 20k. I see resistance at 21k, and even a retrace to 19k wouldn't phase me. Stair-step grinding is the key to longer moves. I'm raising the longer-term target to 22000. Honestly its just extrapolation here, as we've never traded up here before. Just my best guess. Some flagging action, pause, then pushing up again. Hang on...

Hello 20k. Remember, it isn't Bitcoin rallying, its the US Dollar and other currencies crashing.

This is going to get fun.

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