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Been under the weather this past week, trying to regain equilibrium. The problem with having a decent immune system is what manages to sneak through usually is more potent in its side-effects.
Liking the rally, will update my TA stuff after this latest push settles.

Our friend Mr Lopp has dropped a detailed take-down on Craig Wright with plenty of references. Here's the archive link - as it was geo-restricted for some countries based on some legal cautioning. Good read, and fully puts into perspective the multiple mis-steps and fumbles that the purported "creator" has made so far. His final undoing it seems will be the Klieman (sp?) case, where evidence as been submitted and pulled when found to be false.

Looks like is using the old chinese trick of tx bouncing to make it look like there's traction -- in that thread, further down there's claims a game is responsible, but the game in question creates a separate wallet for each person. I suppose if you're as desperate as you'll try anything at this point.

Upon hearing that "CZ" at Binance wanted to and actually entertained a "oopsie rollback" for his incompetence enrages me.

Who the hell does he think he is?

My "close call" seems to have not materialized, and it looks like we're back on track for eventually grinding up to the upper target in my profile. Personally it feels like we won't be in the true "mega rally" until after June. These things always take more time than initially expected. I'll keep tracking it and update as needed.

The fraud continues. has a small presser at Oxford. People ask questions, and predictably, he blows up in anger --
The real Satoshi was able to keep his cool when Wikileaks "kicked the hornets nest" and accepted Bitcoin way back.
Craig Wright isn't Satoshi, by any stretch of the imagination. That is why I like this lawsuit he's in, he'll actually have to prove it -- and he can't.

Interesting site that compares network security in crypto -
Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

To clarify on my prior post, If Tether goes "poof", all that is lost is what is in transit, and what is held on the exchanges. I don't think it would be a world-ending event. Painful, sure, but not the absolute end of everything. If you disagree, I'd love to know.

Interesting article on the and situation with --
If Tether goes "poof", would it really matter except to the exchanges and funds trapped there? Not like we're in the middle of a parabolic up move here.

Our friend Samson Mow brings BCH news --
"Our sources also say Bitmain is stepping away from BCH project. It will dial down the support . Macree Zhang wants to be nowhere near this failure. Jihan on his own now 🍿"
Delicious. He's the same person that had the inside tip on Bitmain falling apart, so I think this is credible.

I'm watching the Daily and from the BFX Tether panic sell, we're very close to a point where it could flip the regime back to Bear on the Daily charts. Waiting for confirmation as this move was rather spurious and news-based. I'll update when I have more.

I'm glad this BFX USDT thing is happening. Legal discovery will show if there's any rehypothecation or other chicanery. If not, we move on. Even if there is some fraud, BFX is 30-something in the list of exchanges by volume. This isn't like the Gox days when they were 90% of traded volume.

On another note, it really annoys the hell out of me that there seem to be no handheld gaming emulator devices (similar form factor as say, the Nintendo Switch) that are worth a damn. Most seem to be Shenzhen knockoffs that boast a lot but are light on technical details. Want something that supports different emulators, decent storage and good screen quality.

and getting some nasty letters from the New York State Attorney's office --
We've had the initial panic sell-off on the news. I'd expect Tether to have a few problems with this. And to be honest, I've never trusted Bitfinex, which is why I use Bitstamp for data.

Small update as we grind higher. The 5600 target has been taken out and traded through. My new upper target is now 6400. I'll update my profile to show this. Still watching for continuance.

It won't all be straight up and to the right, but I'm prepared for wobbles on the way.

I'm sure his 8 likes will have far-reaching influence.

The scammers never stop trying, and their idiot followers don't know how to do anything but dance to their tune.

BSV is dying though, so there's that.

CraigCoin (BSV) had two blockchain re-orgs, though there were no detected double-spends. As his shit token gets delisted, this may open up avenues of attack as interest wanes.
Any bets on when Craig Wright has an aneurysm? 😎

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