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CraigCoin (BSV) has lost money since its inception. The fine folks at Bitmex have pushed a post encapsulating their folly --
For those not inclined to click, BSV has lost (estimated) ~5.4 Million USD. That's gotta hurt... 😆 has some interesting charts, one that stood out was the Bitcoin Velocity chart near the end. Looks like the Bull Cycle is on the verge of starting according to this --
One of the purest cycle abstracts I've seen with Bitcoin data.

In further delisting news, a popular exchange in Japan, SBI, has delisted BCash (BCH) because of decline in prices and increasing security (51% attack) risks.
I'd love to see this become a real trend. 😎

CragCoin, aka BSV, aka FaketoshiToken is getting delisted from Binance.
Today is a great day.

This site amused me, bunch of crypto-oriented parody stories --

Does this have any teeth? I wouldn't mind Jihan and the rest getting REKT -- Guess we'll see if Xi is really hardline against potential exfiltration of wealth.

has proven himself to be a dubious actor, being an active force behind S2X during the "New York Agreement" debacle. Now, his hydra head has popped up on a new monstrosity that uses OP_RETURN as its personal hard drive. Gosh Jeff, thanks again for being the complete turd that you are. Ridiculous --

Specific research done by Cumberland suggests that the buy spike wasn't merely short-covering activity.
It seems there are larger forces at play.

Having spiked through the 4400 level and above the 200 day Simple Moving Average on the Daily, my thinking has shifted towards upper price targets. I'd like to see 4400 become the new support level while we aim at an upper price target of 5600 on the Daily charts. Its a good start, and we need more qualifying action here.

Proof of Stake, or how I like to call it Proof of (mis)Stake is a flawed protocol that incentivizes centrist designs that banks love. Good thread about that here --
There's a reason shitCoinBase is involved, they're shady middlemen and would love to exercise their power as a big staker in PoS.

Hat-tip to @kenn3d to alerting me about Marty's Bent, a newsletter. Nice post here about Bitmain --
Funny how Bitcoin doesn't respond well to those that try to wrest control, isn't it?
TL;DR: “I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago: resigning my BU membership,” prominent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Amaury Séchet

Update, the Weekly indicators have flipped to the [Bull] side. This is good, they've been bearish since July 28th 2018, or approximately 8 months. This makes me even more optimistic about the upper band being tested, which still remains for me at 4400. I'll update if there's more, but it is encouraging to see longer time frames click into place.

From our friend Samson Mow, we learn that Bitmain is in further trouble with TSMC at capacity for other projects, in addition to their own incompetence.

1/ Unconfirmed report on IRC of "a significant (400+) number of peers on the bitcoin p2p network that are currently engaging in a sybil attack. They pretend to be running various versions of Bitcoin software, but are not. They respond with compact blocks handshakes, pings and pongs, but never respond to headers, get blocks, or inventory messages."

I can't put my finger on it, but it does seem like a calm before the storm. There are many macro indicators that are flashing red for the entire globe. We're not going to have an event that is contained within one economy, the next one affects us all. All I can say is I'm glad I have Bitcoin.

forked today. I expect the slow creeping horror that is their "scaling" solution to build into a chain-wrecking catastrophe.

Bust out the popcorn, it should be a good one. 🍿 😎

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