Good article on the correlations of Bitcoin and Chinese Yuan. Also an example of how BTC can circumvent capital controls, rendering nation-state monetary policy useless --

This is lunacy - Futures on tether, and using margin (leverage)? This is going to wreck some people when this "stablecoin" has a dollar pegging problem.

Ding-dong, Libra's dead. This is what you get when you have a centralized currency. Plenty of avenues for attack, and business partners getting cold feet.

@livestradamus And they'll say that they didn't see it coming. The ones that started it, of course. My guess is it starts in China. HKD/USD de-peg would be the first signal.

Nice pop on the 4-Hour, but the Daily hasn't flipped over to the Bull side just yet. Still looking for a mid-October flip scenario. Still some ground to cover but I'm glad we're over the 200 day moving average at the moment on the daily chart. I'll keep tracking...

@verretor He did a lot of damage in the early days by splitting off and spouting nonsense.

Good riddance.

Good article on machine learning as applied to price prediction. No stunning breakthroughs, just nuts-and-bolts kind of evaluation of different techniques --

Here's something interesting -- Shows different stats/metrics in context of other countries. Bitcoin is being used more widely than suspected.

@rumblestillskin I mean in the larger sense that a nation is openly considering using Bitcoin as part of the assets held by their bank. It makes sense distressed economies/countries would try this first.

@Sosthene I think the PRC/CCP is doomed to fail. If they have a full-blown riot the govt won't be able to contain it.

@berkes Proof-of-Stake will continue to "run" as long as there is one node. Doesn't mean its great, just that people aren't rational.

@berkes It took me 13 weeks to "power down" my modest STEEM balance when I figured out it was a gated multi-token pile of garbage.
What other 'money' has gated and throttled access? Makes you think, doesn't it?

Venezuela trying to make Bitcoin part of their sovereign assets is a first for crypto in general --
I suspect other countries already are on the way to doing so, they're just the first to make it public.

Analysis of money laundering in Bitcoin - some rather loose assumptions here, but even after they cast a wide net they can only point to approx 2% of their dataset as being questionable --

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