@nvk I'm not 'detached' by any means. You must mean fund managers and other legacy relics.

@bitcoinmagazine ...and you are advertising this on mastodon.

What a genius.

@hashenstein I call it "Equivalency Blindness" - they assume all coins are equal and they are "diversified". Nothing could be further from the truth, as we know.

@nvk Souped up muscle car. Still cheaper, and parts are there if you wreck it, instead of having to wait for an overloaded container ship to deliver it to the dealership. Go with some bondo, ride that bastard until the treads come off. Put a huge chrome blower on it.

@nvk There's a reason "wrapped Bitcoin" is popular in ETH. Its because ETH really is just a huge sidechain that siphons off Bitcoin value. Without that, they would be nothing.

@raucao Triangulation using GPS/Stars? Every earth coordinate would be unique. But nation states are on the way out I think, longer-term.

@nvk We have never seen a high-profile coin fail before. I think ETH is going to be that coin.

We're grinding higher as expected after our crazy volatility blowout this past April. Still maintaining my target, I honestly don't see any reason not to keep it up there. Its going to be a wild ride, so hang in there...

@nvk My personal theory is that ETH will implode after their panic-pivot to Proof-of-Stake. That will take down a lot of shitcoins that assumed they were building on a solid foundation.

@nvk Not to mention that the first thing that happens when a true disaster strikes is food and water become more precious than anything shiny. Never saw a guy with a card table selling/buying gold after a hurricane.


@raucao At most I only am sore a few days after re-uptake on a physical regimen I've let lapse. Probably the same for you, the muscles tend to 'remember' past exertion and spring back.

@nvk Twitter is full of retards. Seriously, why the fuck do people even bother with it anymore.

@nvk These stupid fuckers never rail about the electricity consumption of refining aluminum, or the legacy financial system with server farms all over the fucking place.

@Sosthene @nvk Its really bizarre how he's turned 180 degrees on Bitcoin. What the hell happened to the guy? Is this just a function of an aging brain and some other insidious neurological phenomenon?

@excellion That's some big-blocker bullshit in that illustration. No thanks.

@nvk Specifically his phrase "Intellectual, but idiot"

@nvk BTC has a pattern of being weak on the weekends, for sure.

@nvk I have a personal theory that when Bitcoin really takes off it will leave the alts in the dust - and their perceived value will be so dimunitive that money will flow back into BTC in one big FOMO wave.

@nvk Just another fossil that doesn't understand digital scarcity and abstraction. That is why all of his "value" investments are physical. He doesn't trust the internet, but he sure uses it a lot to promote himself and his books. Just sad, I used to like the guy. But I guess you get to a certain age and everything looks like bullshit to you because you've given up being optimistic about life.

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