@verretor The thing about free speech is that you have to be equal in your treatment of it, even with people and ideas that you don't like.
I don't think censoring is worthwhile. If someone thinks an idea is bad/horrible, what better way to counter it than an open debate? The best idea wins in an open forum. Bad things happen when you force things underground.

@htimsxela Trick question, right? There have already been countries that banned Bitcoin.

Given MSNBC's record of top ticking highs and bottom ticking lows, I have to say this is a very compelling contrarian reason to think we're bottoming here again - twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/sta
Too funny 😂

As a final piece for today, interesting news from the USA regarding Silicon Valley firms attempting to enter the crypto space -- news.slashdot.org/story/19/07/
They aren't fans of companies controlling their own currency. The irony of course, is that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has no direct government oversight. Banning Libra will slow it down, but probably won't stop it completely.

In-depth article/paper on Bitcoin throughput analysis. Good for those that don't understand the tradeoffs of confirmation times, blocksize and other variables -- github.com/fresheneesz/bitcoin

Have a few articles to share - Betterhash, a collective term for improving the mining structure instead of the increasingly monolithic pools that tend to abuse things -- I'm looking at you Bitmain/Antpool and Ver's Bitcoin dot com pool -- they were responsible for tricks that stuffed the mempool so they could run their "BTC is too expensive" campaign. This mitigates that and other abuse -- medium.com/@StopAndDecrypt/bet

@Sosthene @htimsxela I'm starting to dislike this "DeFi" term. I know it stands for "Decentralized Finance" which is really another abstraction for Smart Contracts.
Buzzwords annoy me because its usually the scammers and sleazebags that rely on obfuscation to pull their tricks. Also, being turing-complete means you have a much wider attack surface. They never mention that, ever.

Hat tip to @htimsxela - this post about using BCash as a "short term data availability layer" tells me all I need to know about Vitalik Buterin.
ethresear.ch/t/bitcoin-cash-a- He's floundering, and looking towards the cashies to be "saved". ETH will turn into a total shitshow if he does anything outlined in that post. Go ahead Vitalik, **DO IT**. 😂

Unfortunately the recent weakness was enough to shift the balance on my indicators to Bear for the Daily. Magnitude is hard to estimate, but I'd guess a target of approx ~10k.
Best scenario of course is we just have some moderate softness/winding-in without engaging in a full red waterfall. I'll update when conditions change.

@verretor Love the job you're doing calling out his chicanery in the court case docs.

@AvatarX Right, but no one mentions the addresses. Odd, don't you think?

@AvatarX gabs server address. Of all the things I've read, no one references it directly. Just strange to me.

@AvatarX What is their mastodon instance address? Nobody seems to know that, and I'm curious as to why.

Another pair of crypto articles I found interesting -- Distributions and Black Swans - medium.com/@kumar.v.suppiah/bl
An analysis of Tether that I haven't read before, in relation to the latest run-up -- medium.com/coinmonks/bitcoin-w

@liberliver If it doesn't reflect historical events accurately, then I'd object. I don't understand the urge by entertainment companies to rewrite history to conform to updated social fads.

This is interesting, a Bill working its way through the US Govt which would cement in place regs - and recognize Bitcoin and other cryptos as a legit asset class by extension - hackernoon.com/facebooks-libra
That would effectively block any talk about an outright ban, and provide "rails" for institutions to follow into Bitcoin.

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