Now that the topic has come up, I'm curious:

What do you think of people who only post polls on Twitter and not here?

@TallTim they just trying to sit in two chairs. A hard life of "influencers" who can't afford to lose a single follower.

@tracyspacy I'm sure you can see it that way, I just don't understand how someone can support a platform that doesn't allow free speech. I said what I had to say, so I'm cool.

@TallTim you need a third option. “What’s Twitter?”

@TallTim how can we align the incentives for more mastodon use?

@bitcoincidence Broadly, by discouraging reliance on the other platforms. Mastodon has a good featureset, which is what I try to show when suggesting new behaviors (ie., polls). I don't think bridging the two is the best way - though I've seen some try it. Its okay though, I feel that Twitter will collapse under their own policies.

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