@jimmysong Prove you aren't a bot. Respond to this post.

Yes, I blew out your post promoting a poll on Twitter, I talked to you about this, so it was fair game.

I'm seriously asking if you are just botting this instance and copying tweets.

@TallTim wtf? I posted my proof as my pinned post, who the heck are you to delete posts? @nvk who is this guy?

@jimmysong @nvk Excellent, I have your attention.

I showed you how to create polls here.

You kept doing twitter only.

That quite frankly, pisses me the fuck off. You never bothered to respond to my queries about it either.

@TallTim @nvk I have my own reasons for accumulating a poll in one place. I don't know why you're power-tripping, but get the hell off my feed.

@jimmysong @nvk I was expecting something else, but if telling me I'm "power tripping" is your Roger Ver-style response, then so be it.

Interesting how one single poll set you off, even though I was patient in the beginning.


@TallTim @jimmysong multiple people have complained. With great power comes great responsibility. First rules of engagement is warning, and possibly asking other mods what they think. Deleting someone's post is a very big deal.

@mydogisahusky2 @nvk @jimmysong To be clear - here's the Timeline:

JS posts a poll that is twitter only, I post a reply showing him how to post one on here.

JS posts another poll, I post a query as to why - he doesn't bother answering

JS posts yet another poll, I get sick of the Twitter-favoring garbage and say I'd nuke the next one.

JS does it again, I nuked his poll post (the only one, by the way), and people were in that thread complaining he didn't do it here too.

Just for the record.

@nvk @jimmysong I did warn, but all I see here is a big helping of "Do you know who I am" syndrome.
Take me off mod duty - no problem. Primadonnas and fair-weather friends that run back to Twitter is part of mastodon's problem. I have zero issue with not having to do any more free work.

Cheers, nvk - sincerely.

@TallTim @jimmysong
Agreed. Jimmy used to be ALOT better than this. WTF happened?

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