I've been having problems on Firefox viewing - with blank pages. I asked the ever-helpful @lukejr, but his response "mine works" said all I needed to know about his ethics.
So, I'm stumbling through interface alternatives since Firefox only displays bizarrely oversized graphics and basic text. I changed nothing, but of course technology doesn't care. Any suggestions? Beyond the Luke Jr variety, that is? Thanks.

@TallTim I've had the same problem for a couple of days. I installed Chromium just for bitcoinhackers.

@verretor Thanks, I tried Chrome and other browsers on other computers and got the same results. I'll try what you suggested. This interface app I'm using now is... not optimal. Thanks.

@verretor I'm confused - they have a download for Chrome which I've already tried, and there isn't a compiled installer that I can see for Chromium itself. Are you suggesting the OS? I guess I could put that in a VM instance but that is a bit more time consuming. Thanks for the suggestions.

@TallTim Just opened BitcoinHackers with Firefox and it seems normal. I wonder if it's intermittent.

@verretor: I'm on Firefox 84.0.1 64-bit. The problem started before the last upgrade, and every other site I go to works just fine. Its only specific to this instance. The problem also shows on other computers I have, even on Chrome running on OSX.

@TallTim: Today I installed this Mastodon desktop app and logged in to bitcoinhackers without any issues

@petar: I've given it a try, so thanks. Better than what was going on before.

@TallTim ha so I'm not the only one.
I duckducked bitcoinhackers, clicked on the link, typed in my credentials, and it seems to have solved the problem, at least on my desktop because it's still blank on my phone

@Sosthene @TallTim How on Earth do you not have an admin who can fix what they broke? It can't be that hard.

@Sosthene: Could you share the URL, I'd like to use things in my browser if I can. Hyperspace desktop client is okay, but its a bit oversized and I'm not sure if I'll stick to it.

@TallTim share what, the url from duckduckgo ? I don't know if it helps, especially since I checked this once again and something seems broken again

@Sosthene No problem, it seems the frontend at works - so thats a workaround I guess.

@TallTim I thought @nvk was the admin over there. I haven't seen him on Mastodon for a long time, but you could try pinging him.

@harding @TallTim @nvk I thought he abandoned the instance, but some time ago I said it on Twitter and he answered he was still here, and he didn't look very pleased that I suggest otherwise 😅

@TallTim I haven’t been able to get it working but the API still works, so I’ve just been using mobile apps and bitlbee-mastodon

@TallTim same here. Appears to be an issue with the assets: the checksum is wrong. Probably a rebuild or reboot of the rails service will solve it.

Chromium gives the same problem.

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