@ddosecrets How does publishing law enforcement details help society at large? All I see is endangerment and potential harrassment from your "available information" being disseminated. If I had a dump of your credit cards and financial info, would you publish that? Your home address and phone? You've already taken a stance simply by pushing it out there, you pompous knobs.

@ddosecrets Doxing people isn't defensible. If these leaks were appropriately handled - much how Wikileaks did - that would be a different story. In its original form it was only intended to expose people and their families if they happened to have an association with law enforcement. Articles on the data is one thing, posting a direct link to the dump is another.

@ddosecrets You're assuring that there is no meta-data in there that points to someone's home or family? This is playing with people's lives. You better be fucking sure.

@ddosecrets Your subsequent attempt to "cancel" me by reporting my post is futile -- and demonstrates what the marxist doctrine demands -- free speech must be stamped out for their edicts to exist. Just another running-dog fascist, pretending to concern troll and police speech.

@TallTim @ddosecrets DDoSecrets, did you report TallTim's post because you didn't want other people to see it? Did you feel that that was a private information that maybe shouldn't be publicly visible and associated with you? Could we say you didn't like for the information to be leaked?

(To note: I disagree with TallTim on his points, but DDoSecrets, this is not presenting you in a good light)


@ddosecrets @threed Its fine, I don't expect you to take responsibility. Most of the left-leaning crowd are more adept at side-stepping and using passive-aggressive means to gain their revenge. So sure, you specifically didn't, maybe a birdie sang it to a compatriot and they did it for you? It doesn't matter in the end, I don't back down to those that employ shady tactics. Also, you were defending doxxing enforcement, which tells me exactly what side of the fence you're on.

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