@[email protected] Your subsequent attempt to "cancel" me by reporting my post is futile -- and demonstrates what the marxist doctrine demands -- free speech must be stamped out for their edicts to exist. Just another running-dog fascist, pretending to concern troll and police speech.

@TallTim @[email protected] DDoSecrets, did you report TallTim's post because you didn't want other people to see it? Did you feel that that was a private information that maybe shouldn't be publicly visible and associated with you? Could we say you didn't like for the information to be leaked?

(To note: I disagree with TallTim on his points, but DDoSecrets, this is not presenting you in a good light)


@threed I have no problem with disagreements, I do have a problem with the passive-aggressive "cancel" culture, as you've mentioned.

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