@ddosecrets How does publishing law enforcement details help society at large? All I see is endangerment and potential harrassment from your "available information" being disseminated. If I had a dump of your credit cards and financial info, would you publish that? Your home address and phone? You've already taken a stance simply by pushing it out there, you pompous knobs.

@ddosecrets Doxing people isn't defensible. If these leaks were appropriately handled - much how Wikileaks did - that would be a different story. In its original form it was only intended to expose people and their families if they happened to have an association with law enforcement. Articles on the data is one thing, posting a direct link to the dump is another.

@ddosecrets You're assuring that there is no meta-data in there that points to someone's home or family? This is playing with people's lives. You better be fucking sure.

@ddosecrets I see you've bought into the marxist talking points of your leaders. Shame, it would have been nice to have a rational discussion.

@TallTim @ddosecrets Everything they're doing is causing people to hate them and see police as the victims.
Let them continue. It's helping us win.

@Orakel @ddosecrets The ones who proclaim they "bash the fash" are indeed fascists in their own right. Their blindness to carrying on their marxist-based demands will only further damage their movement. Not to mention their utter lack in grasping basic statistics - there are more whites shot by police than blacks. But never mind, they have an agenda to promote, don't they.

@ddosecrets Your subsequent attempt to "cancel" me by reporting my post is futile -- and demonstrates what the marxist doctrine demands -- free speech must be stamped out for their edicts to exist. Just another running-dog fascist, pretending to concern troll and police speech.

@TallTim @ddosecrets DDoSecrets, did you report TallTim's post because you didn't want other people to see it? Did you feel that that was a private information that maybe shouldn't be publicly visible and associated with you? Could we say you didn't like for the information to be leaked?

(To note: I disagree with TallTim on his points, but DDoSecrets, this is not presenting you in a good light)

@threed I have no problem with disagreements, I do have a problem with the passive-aggressive "cancel" culture, as you've mentioned.

@ddosecrets @TallTim In that light my toots would be pretty stupid :) so I'm out 🍸

@threed Luckily you believed that lazy answer without any verification. Run away, run away...

@ddosecrets @threed Its fine, I don't expect you to take responsibility. Most of the left-leaning crowd are more adept at side-stepping and using passive-aggressive means to gain their revenge. So sure, you specifically didn't, maybe a birdie sang it to a compatriot and they did it for you? It doesn't matter in the end, I don't back down to those that employ shady tactics. Also, you were defending doxxing enforcement, which tells me exactly what side of the fence you're on.

@ddosecrets @TallTim FYI police murder more "white" people than "black" people.

I'm all for fighting police corruption, but it's not a race thing.

@TallTim @ddosecrets Police are not simply "law enforcement" anymore. Most of them are criminals themselves, protected by corruption.

Doxing isn't the answer, but it's no different than doxing any random criminal at this point.

@lukedashjr @ddosecrets Most are doing their jobs under extreme circumstances. In any given population size, you'll have abuses, yes. I would never generalize and say "most" or "all" are bad, though. That's just lazy, intellectually. I also find the people who complain the most about enforcement are the same that depend on them when "real shit" happens, so the hypocrisy runs deep.

@TallTim @ddosecrets when was the last time a cop refused to obey the common order to do something wrong?

@lukedashjr Nice deflection. Also, how would you know? Internal Affairs prosecute cops that abuse the system. You're not a cop, so you don't have access to it, neither do I. But it does exist. If you want to believe that all cops are bad, go ahead, I just think its simplistic and naive. Really odd coming from someone who lives in the world of logic and code.

@TallTim no, IA goes along with it. the corruption runs so deep nobody even objects to it within the police system

@lukedashjr And that is everywhere at 100% according to your theory. So here's a question - why do cops do their jobs at all? Hell, if its so easy as you're implying to just go "rogue" and do whatever you want, why even bother going through the appearances of getting a check? I am surprised you think its 100%. I pegged you as someone who was more rational than that. Even the power law dictates that the proportion couldn't be that high in a reasonable population.
What other things do you "know"?

@TallTim I didn't say absolutely 100%. But crime is part of the modern "job" of a cop, and I have never heard of any (with their job still) refusing to do it.

@lukedashjr How many cops have you personally known? I'm truly curious where this knowledge comes from, other than outside sources.

@TallTim doesn't matter. There's still no evidence of any cops refusing to participate in crime they're ordered to

@lukedashjr How fascinatingly flawed. It reminds me of some logical fallacies, namely "argumentum ad ignorantiam".

@TallTim Nothing flawed about it. If there are many innocent cops, why doesn't anyone ever hear about them refusing to obey evil commands?

@lukedashjr Turn the question around -- Why would they advertise it in the first place? This is why I asked if you knew anything about the subject you are talking about personally. You obviously don't have any understanding how their chain of command works, or how their internal reporting works, or anything related to how they do their jobs outside of what you see in the media.
You're just too low in the information totem pole to be able to formulate anything resembling a rational critique.

@TallTim Even if they're quietly letting cops get away with disobeying their criminal orders, that could only be a minority at best, and clearly those cops aren't arresting the collaborators of the crime or there would be court cases to show for it.

@TallTim here's just one example from yesterday. Where are the cops standing up to this, and arresting the police involved in the kidnapping of these children from their parents?

@TallTim The father had to protect his children from the police all on his own, and the police are attacking him and his relatives.

NOTHING is being done by police to assist him or stop the corrupt cops.

@lukedashjr Bad example - first, the UK has descended into a defacto police state. Second, "family law" is pretty twisted worldwide, and usually only favors the mother's side. I don't blame the biological father doing what he's done, but the law there hasn't caught up with reality. And no one will assist a guy that is trying to help his kids, especially not in the UK. We're talking about the country where they mob grandmothers sitting in a park for not wearing masks/distancing.

@TallTim No, it's a perfect example. The police have kidnapped the child from both his parents, and were preparing to give the child to strangers in an illegal adoption. It's straight child trafficking. The father stood up for his rights, and is being chased - again, by the police.

The police are 110% in the wrong here, harming an innocent man and his family. None of them, however, are refusing to go along with it, or arresting the kidnapping social workers or police.

@lukedashjr If you don't bother reading what I say, then why even reply? Yes, the UK is a police state. No, not all cops are bad. I don't agree with the UK family laws that allow them to do this.
Eh, whatever, feel like I'm in a while() loop with you here. I'm done trying.

@TallTim Following and enforcing unjust laws makes them criminal accomplices.

@lukedashjr I'll play along - Okay, so how would you find these cases if you have zero knowledge of the participants? Just because you can't find it doesn't mean the records don't exist.

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