@verretor Still waiting for the event that makes crypto twitter flood back into Mastodon. I guess its a series of cuts, instead of just one big event.


@verretor Just like few people used Bitcoin way back. I'm comfortable being early.

@TallTim @verretor if you look outside of the bitcoinhackers instance you'll find a lot of other bitcoiners/interested people. Still quieter than Twitter overall, but the bitcoinhackers local timeline is deceivingly quiet. Discovering people to follow is trickier on mastodon

@htimsxela @TallTim @verretor maybe we should put up a follow list for newcomers? It's true that the federated structure of Mastodon is a bit surprising when you come from Twitter, a lot of interesting people are on other instances and you can't find them easily.
Another solution is to boost more those people so that they pop up in your instance own tl and others can discover them too

@Sosthene @htimsxela @verretor I agree that mastodon is like a throwback to fidonet. If you have people you follow on other instances please post them so I can check them out. Appreciated.

@TallTim @Sosthene @verretor
here is a quick list of users I follow from other instances that post btc/otherwise-sorta-related-and-interesting stuff. In no particular order:
@harding @orionwl @laurentmt @stevenroose @AvatarX @fribbledom @liberliver @emzy @waxwing @raucao @vbhide @pjb @taoeffect @kukks

I haven't really explored the Gab instance at all, but I get the impression there are more btc-interested users there.

@TallTim @Sosthene @verretor
It seems like ~most of the users I follow from this instance haven't posted in many months, or more (but there are a number that post regularly still!). Finding users outside bitcoinhackers is kind of essential, my timeline is still nicely filled with interesting posts most days.

@htimsxela @TallTim @Sosthene @verretor @harding @orionwl @laurentmt @stevenroose @fribbledom @liberliver @emzy @waxwing @raucao @vbhide @pjb @taoeffect @kukks Yes, there are definitely more people interested in bitcoin on gab than BitcoinHackers. Like by a lot. probably 10x more. If you join Gab, join my group while you are at it. ;)


@Sosthene @AvatarX Yes. The entire point of this fediverse (and Gab using a fork of Mastodon) is that you can follow anyone on any compatible server/network.

@Sosthene I sure hope so. If BitcoinHackers is not blocking Gab or if an update of mastodon ha not done that and that was not looked at.

@AvatarX I can see this message, so I guess it means it's not blocked here. But iiuc groups are a fab feature so I can't access it from here

@Sosthene Yes, they are among many others. Which is why my reply said: "if you join gab, join my group" ;)

@AvatarX (trimmed the reply list) I see accounts on gab.com just fine. Running my own Mastodon server with default settlings.

@selfisekai @verretor @htimsxela @TallTim damn, no bitcoin list, only a blockchain list with four people I never heard of. Maybe we should get in touch with them (if they're legit of course)

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