@402PaymentRequired I'm sticking with it even if other people like feeding Twitter's hungry maw of monetization. They'll learn eventually. If not, we didn't need them anyway, did we? Maybe its a litmus test, just like is.


and by the way... is it just me or is Twitter going nuts with the fucking adds?

On mobile they're making me swallow one damn add every 12 posts. Da fuck!

@402PaymentRequired Just part of the "run it into the ground" cycle that every business MBA goes through. They're a horrid hellhole of autonomous badgering, censorship and barely-content-aware ad-targeting. The hell with that place.


I really thought that they were going to hell on 2016, with the election fuckery and the bannings, but then Jack the idiot came out with his blockchain (first) and Lightning Network (later) narrative and the thing pumped again.

The rather prominent bitcoiners that give a pass to Jack because of this are morons, sorry to say.

But there's light at the end of the tunnel 👎 〽️ 😄


@402PaymentRequired Their eventual myspace-ing will be a beauty to behold. I'm just annoyed that people are so damn flighty that they can't see what they're supporting.

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