Watching eth stakeholders make every mistake bitcoiners have intentionally avoided is gold.

Provides clear context re: the value prop of bitcoin compared to altcoins. Now we have a perfect case study to point to when questioned whether bitcoin's current path forward is the best option:

-Move slow, and conservative.
-Prioritize censorship resistance and robustness.
-Scale using layers.
-Avoid hard forks at all cost.
-Don't fuck with supply schedule.
-Keep it simple, stupid.


@mattodell I can't wait for 's moment. Its coming. They have no idea how to bolt on a chimera hybrid of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. Sure, plenty of papers and self-congratulatory articles, but none of them have been done at scale, so they'll just pop that turd right on the main chain and hope for the best. That's my impression, anyway. I'm losing respect for every day, from his shennanigans to his inept management of his

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