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How the hell is Reddit down? It’s just 1 giant coincidence after another.

When reaches $1,000,000, one sat will be equal to one cent.


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People believe they need to not be in pain to exercise,

Its the other way around.

If your body is hurting, movement is likely what it needs more than anything else

This gets you exposure, I get it. But is this just a political ploy that I don't understand, or does she actually believe that this is an idea that needs pursuing?
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Rep. @AyannaPressley introduced a resolution proposing the federal government guarantee every American a job — a move to address current unemployment and workforce inequality bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

Is it possible to include smart contract properties to a Bitcoin transaction that make it possible to lend bitcoin to someone else for a certain length of time, after which the bitcoin gets returned to its owner? HTLC and DLC come to mind, but I have no idea if that is relevant to what I'm trying to say.

Can anyone open a channel to me?
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I don't have an opinion on HCQ, but I have an opinion on the politicization of HCQ - it's terrible twitter.com/BillPegs/status/13

A thing of beauty.
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In  , wealthy institutions and lowly plebs all run the same software. They all submit to the same decentralized protocol rules. That is equality.

In fiat, wealthy institutions write and break the rules to abuse and exploit the lowly plebs. That is inequality.

A thing of beauty.
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It doesn’t matter how rich or powerful you are in   - you still can’t force the network to run your software.

Nobody answers to you, you are a peer of the plebs.

Zodus: winter, covid, semi-lockdown, thuiswerken, ... Maar geen issues met stroomvoorziening en nakende stroompannes. Geen stroomboten aangemeerd, geen paniek rond falende kerncentrales.

@PhRoose @davidneyskens Hoe werkt dat precies?

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Does anyone know who offers bets on whether or not Joe finished his first term? @barstoolsports @Ladbrokes @WilliamHill @unibet @stoolpresidente @janvanzeveren

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