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Dealing w/governments is like signing a contract w/ someone where only he can change the rules after the contract _is_ signed.

And you have to swallow it no matter how bitter the pill might be.

No negotiations. No additional efforts. It's just like a "take it or I will eat you alive, sucker!"

That's the reality!

Forget about the constitution... like 3/5 of the "soap opera mind-poisoned" ppl already did.

I live in an area of the US where a majority of the people work for the government either directly or on a contract. When they tell me what they do all day and then tell me how much they make the 2 don’t add up. The guy whose only job at social security is to order new chairs if someone needs one should not make 85,000 a year. This is one reason bitcoin interests me. Something is off and not enough people see it.

One of the most efficient ways to improve your skill set and widen out your perspective is by debating someone w/ an contrarian _but_ open mindset willing to listen and to understand your point of view.

You will be forced to bring the best arguments inside the ring b/c otherwise you will be exposed as your debate will only unseal that you have no clue and are only repeating an opinion made up by others.

"Low quality services is mostly coming from a monopoly."


It's just watching someone dissecting a frog.

It's just watching Indiana Jones shooting his opponent while he's brandishing his sword.

It's just like David vs Goliath.
The David of logic, consciousness and smartness vs the Goliath of Fax-machines!

It's not a duel, it's a public execution.

R.I.P. Hal Finney (May 4, 1956 – August 28, 2014)

Today we all take a moment to salute Hal for everything he did to make the world a better place — and to hope he will not remain the coolest (literally) person among us for too long.

It's always immediately becoming _very_ strange when someone like Jim "I do like Blockchain" Rickards trying to explain a topic he's having absolutely _no_ clue about.

Love this guy like I love nodding Peter "Titanic" Schiff, now even more cause they are giving me one more reason to w/ much more ease!

Wanna see real 💩?

RVer begging for mercy/forgiveness/relief while "once PitBull" DeRose is sucking his balls w/ that much passion that I'm asking myself how much did RV pay him for sucking that gentle... as smooth as velvet?

To be sure: you don't miss _ANYTHING_ by not watching this PR garbage of someone calling names, trying to steal a brand, scamming noobs & lying the same moment he opens his mouth.

Btrash is done!

_But_ RV is doing an ICO promoting "free money".

Today‘s headlines:
„Men in bras!“
„Drinking blood makes you feel younger!“

MSM is dead!

Ppl reading shit like that are absolutely BRAIN DEAD!

Ppl believing anything propagated by MSM _w/out_ fact-checking are played sock-puppets w/out any consciousness left.

Garbage News... Fake News are like cancer killing ppl‘s minds!

1st we need Sound Money, then Sound Education and Sound Economics enforced by Free Markets.

What no one needs is 💩 like 👇

"Paying taxes is like feeding rats in your basement."

Lightning is the most powerful disruptive tool ever created in „financial“ terms.

Nearly no one yet is getting its effect on trustless money transfer all around the globe.

Seamless. Frictionless. Instantly. W/out any Middle Man cheating.

Lightning is to money what the internet is to information/education.

Banks are as afraid of LN as govs are afraid of ppl educating themselves.

The Awakening _is_ Now!

Politics are sucking the lifeblood outta your veins.

Politics are the biggest contrast to common sense.

W/out fiat money politics wouldn't be possible the way they work today.

Joining politics - in the sense/will of changing the world for better - means losing ground.

It's a lost game even before you've started to play.

Politics are trying to change ppl in hearts and minds, instead of creating the tools to set them free.

Buy/HODL to undermine politics' power.

doesn't need a Killer App, Bitcoin _is_ the Killer App.

Nothing, no matter if economically, socially or in terms of improving life conditions is more needed _than_ sound money free of any manipulations due to (hidden) inflation or interest rates.

One of the biggest hurdles Bitcoin has to overcome is the lack of profound & easy accessible education for the Moms & Pops while MSM deliberately tries to insecure their audience by spreading lies.

Everyone believing in BTC is accountable.

"I don't want somebody through a dirty way take away my opportunity... this is why we want a cashless society."

But if we do have a cashless fiat monetary system, society will _be_ controlled by CBs, govs and big corps becoming banks taking away all our opportunities if they want to... - then we're fucked!

But at least Jack Ma's doesn't pretend to know anything about .

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