As often I try and as hard I do watching Roger VER vids more than 3 minutes is almost impossible for me, it's like needles jabbing into my brain.

It's like watching Norman Bates sitting in a cell talking w/ a fly...

Neither was the CME launching Futures a big deal nor will the possible ETF approval be one.

Those claiming that institutional money‘s coming to Bitcoin is a monumental change in the history of BTC the one and only form of unconfiscateable and censorship resistant sound money have no clue or are just trying to misinform their audience for them to stick on to the fiat „Titanic“ going down hard!


Will be fun watching Wall Street going broke if they try to tame the King!

As Bitmain‘s attempt to decide ‘s future is falling into little pieces every measure of any company, Wall Street corp or government to decide about Bitcoin‘s future is also _destined_ to fail.

As long as the educational system stays the same we are _forced_ to live under the effects of a bounded rationality.

And as long markets are not acting free (supply and demand doesn’t exist) efficiency won‘t set in.

Keep in mind: there is no coincidence.

If Bitcoin Maximalism - the believe _in_ sound money creating monetary freedom - is doing harm, I love doing harm.

If BTC-Max (...) means being a racist, I prefer to be a racist.

No matter how often pointless stupidity will be repeated it always will _be_ pointless stupidity.


The „only thing“ developers have to keep in mind is building _and_ improving code to enable a decentralized NW independent of any governmental influence.

Users running a full node will enforce these rules built in code.

Govs and banks will be absorbed becoming meaningless over time.

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