As often I try and as hard I do watching Roger VER vids more than 3 minutes is almost impossible for me, it's like needles jabbing into my brain.

It's like watching Norman Bates sitting in a cell talking w/ a fly...

@Strong_Hands_HODL Is it something he says, or is it him "the person" that is unlistenable? If someone else speaks his word, would the words then be tolerable?


He has become an enduring, self-repeating meme.

A "Jack of all trades King of none."

@Strong_Hands_HODL The attrition rate in blockchain is non-trivial. How will the newbs be trained to revile from his person, if old timers are constantly phasing out, and fresh blood phases in? As for king of none - then why was he successful in the first place?

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