I'm just wondering...

A former Gold bug entering the space in maybe early 2017 declaring 's $100 billion market cap as "The Hoffman Line"!?!

😯 😂 🤣 😂

Looks as if the newest TA tool for measuring Bitcoin's success is the 🤡 Indicator.
The more self-proclaimed BTC Rock Stars... known as Clowns entering the space the more the adoption cycle has progressed.

Less intellectuals more builders is what BTC needs

@Strong_Hands_HODL on the maximalist mastodon instance we know the truth about andy hoffman the whiny cunt

@Shekelcoin @Strong_Hands_HODL All I needed to see was him and Saifedean last year on the same segment of World Crypto Network.

@chowcollection @Strong_Hands_HODL let me just start by saying andy's opening statement in front of all his credentials says a lot about the image he is trying to prtray, lol

@chowcollection @Shekelcoin

😂 🤣 😂

It's getting better and better...

Watching someone pointing out all of his "credentials" is reminding me at my times in "Kindergarten"...

Maybe he's the real Satoshi?!

I guess you are all blocked by the Great A.H. on bird site...

@Shekelcoin @chowcollection

Introducing: "The Hoffman Line!"

The amount of scammers rising is as exponential as nations are hyper-inflating.

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