Dealing w/governments is like signing a contract w/ someone where only he can change the rules after the contract _is_ signed.

And you have to swallow it no matter how bitter the pill might be.

No negotiations. No additional efforts. It's just like a "take it or I will eat you alive, sucker!"

That's the reality!

Forget about the constitution... like 3/5 of the "soap opera mind-poisoned" ppl already did.


And it has become even worse!

There are only two possibilities:

> fight or
> hope you will never become a target of the state trying to make an example out of you... like it happened to Ross Ulbricht!


Open your eyes! @jw

@Strong_Hands_HODL @jw went about that in the worst way possible, with zero
Can you honestly say you're surprised they hammered him down within the fullest extent of the law?
Ross was taunting them, thumbing his nose at their authority. And the icing on the WTF cake when he was LOGGED IN to the site in a public library in California is just idiotic. When you decide to take on "the man", don't give them easy openings like he did.

@TallTim @jw

You're (probably) right that his action, wasn't planned very smart _but_ didn't we all feel invulnerable some day thinking we could take on the world w/ a grin?

But - just guessing - you will agree that there is no, absolute _NO_ relation between crime and punishment anymore... and that burying man alive has meanwhile become a business in the US of A!?

What saddens me is that ppl still believe and trust in authorities and that apathy is more widespread than Burger King.

@Strong_Hands_HODL @jw Sure the system can change, or be completely routed around. The way NOT to do it, is how did it. I don't have much sympathy for someone who can't be bothered to do something right. What was he thinking, he could just walk around the streets and they'd never catch on? As for apathy, money rules everything, which is why I support - because the legacy system is due for a tectonic shakeup. That's how you change the world.

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