Helping bcash is unethical. In the long run, helping bcash will hurt many more people than if it is allowed to die now. Helping bcash means the confusion and propaganda spread by it's owners gets more life, and the tentacles of bcash in applications continue to exist. This is not a matter of “healthy competition”. “MIT anti-Bitcoin” ops...and no, contributing to Core is not a free pass to help bad actors. SHOCKING.



No one should treat Bcash as the "Verlorene Sohn" (lost son) asking for forgiveness, after he had wasted all his father's money while his brother stayed at home doing all the hard work to make a living.

Bcash was responsible for:
-lost funds
-purposefully spread misinformation/_lies_ and still does
-brand confusion/stealing attempt
-spamming the BTC NW to increase fee prices
-rigging the market with Coinbase's support

Now it _is_ the time to allow Btrash to die, period!

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