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@Sthaosin Yeah. Now my node is visible e.g. by the Coin Dance test and I have not port forwarding done.

Using port triggering, it is fire and forget, what ever my home router decides on the DHCP lease to give next or what my ISP decides to give to me as my public IP.

@jronkain ahh ok, I forget there are so many different routers.

@jronkain I agree it's a security risk for the one PC you port forward to but you should only have to set it and forget it. Your public IP should be irrelevant when it comes to the forwarding. I've been out of networking for a while so I can't even recall what port triggering is.

us politics nonsense 

@mathowie they offered to fly her out and fly to her. Don't watch MSNBC/cnn it you will look dumb.

@jronkain Your node isn't affected by your IP changing. The port forwarding is pointing internally. It sounds like you want to use your node by IP after your IP changes. Hmmm....

@parallelind they lost me at "major in block chain technology."

@nic vote Republican or kiss your country goodbye. If the Dems take over we go back to the Clinton/bush/Obama path towards globalization and wars.

@hntooter get ready to buy some maybe cheaper Tesla stock (Robin hood app is easy). If they succeed in getting rid of Elon, I'm selling all of mine.

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@ElfLord it's not a mouse if it doesn't have a tail.

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"We're Going To Unmask You": James O'Keefe Set To Expose Deep State With New Investigation

@boingboingbot vs what? Bolt action? Want my guns? Better bring mittens.

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