@jeremy that's true, many youngsters got caught in it. Hopefully they learnt a lesson about due diligence and risk management from it - better to learn that stuff early in life than later.

I think many Bitcoiners were vocal in condemning scams, especially the obvious ones like BitConnect. Altcoiners mostly didn't want to listen to these warnings.

@jeremy Epic story. There's a lot of truth in that view.

I think the scammers are mostly to blame... but I don't believe the noobs are blameless either. If they'd been less greedy and done their research, they could have avoided getting rekt.

A wolf might not know any better but a human should...

@mojoaxel my Trezor mount is made out of Lego, it's useful stuff!

@schestowitz he calls her that because she claimed to be a Red Indian.

@orionwl I have a different issue with the same result. seems my range of dynamic IPs has been listed on DroneBL.org due to the spam attack on

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@Dennis I think there's a better than even chance that it leads to a split, intentional or otherwise.

@btc yes, it's a very common argument from alts. Blockchain 3.0+ in practice seems to mean "moar TPS." I think LN will have the final word tho!

@btc this is really cool! liked the topic, animation, and script.

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Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.


@Dennis GMO, DragonMint & Canaan are probably the top 3.

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