The only airdrop I support is @Opendime s with little parachutes being dropped by cargo planes into countries teetering on the edge of sovereign default

@Opendime this is what I'm envisioning. used to love playing with these

@Opendime but on a serious note, I do find it sad that so many of the countries that need Bitcoin most have no infrastructure to get individuals access to Bitcoin. right now, Bitcoin as an off-ramp for venezuelans or turks is more of a nice story than a reality.


@nic @Opendime it's a viable offramp for individuals, just not the population at large. Turks or Venezuelans with foresight and financial knowledge (who didn't emigrate) have been building hedges against currency devaluation for years. I say this as a South African all in on sound money.

The general public are hosed, of course, especially the poorest. Sadly, they're not ready for Bitcoin and vice versa.

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