@Steve it was bound to happen. Welcome here Steve. Plebs this is another great one to follow.

@Steve These miners will learn a thing or two about game theory. Transactions will just go to other miners who will validate them. The miners who decide to block certain transactions will have a much harder time paying for electricity.

@Full_node @Steve This is gentlemen. Amazed by how little regulators understand about how it all works. Censorship on a global scale? Nah. Pools will pop up everywhere to gleefully process transactions where "regulatory aware" pools will not.

@rootdude @Full_node @Steve This was an interesting statement:

>In other words, they're promising to only mine transactions that the government approves of, even if it means revenue takes a hit.

This seems doomed to failure in the long run since other companies (possibly outside the US) will outcompete.

@jgettbtc @Full_node @Steve It's doomed to fail because the incentives are NOT aligned. Satoshi spoke a lot about incentives.

@rootdude @jgettbtc @Full_node yes agree with you all here. However, not all of us can mine black market, my company for example. So it's gonna suck for white market miners but for sure Bitcoin dgaf and covert mining will earn a premium. Beautiful.

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